Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

Obama Care Repeating The Fraud Of 1913

June 28, 2012

The Main Purpose Of Obama Care Obama care approves RFID chips
Is the Obama administration repeating the fraud that was committed on the American people in 1913. The fraud I’m talking about is the federal reserve. The complete take over of the American money system to a private cartel of bankers. The fraud of 1913 Federal Reserve Is A Private Company

Obama care was a scam from the beginning. The left wing and right wing are both in on the scam. Congress has the power to tax which was given to them through fraud of the 16th amendment, made to pay off the interest on the debt and straight into the global bankers hands. Leaders of both parties knew the supreme court would either approve Obama care through the misinterpreted commerce clause or, taxation.

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How the fraud works. Obama sold Obama care as not being a tax. He told his fellow Democrats it wasn’t a tax. Which means many democrats wouldn’t had voted for it because of fear of not getting re-elected. Those Democrats smart enough to figure it out (It was a tax) were told not to worry, the Republicans will sue and, it will go the supreme court. They made sure no discussion was made of it being approved by a tax, neither Republicans or the News mentioned it was ever a tax. Their main purpose was to not let the public know it’s really a tax. The Republicans never mentioned or, the main stream news that it could be passed as a tax. The bill was written and voted into law. Congress voted in the largest tax increase in history. They even made sure that the IRS would collect the penalties. The IRS sends all funds directly to the private banking cartel the, federal reserve. It also opened up new doors for new forced consumption and, taxes. Romney says he will repeal Obama care, the fact is he cant. It doesn’t matter who get’s elected president, they are both the same parties with public debate for the public’s amusement and, division. The real powers who control the USA, the international bankers are, calling the shots.

The first thing Obama’s team claimed in front of the supreme court was, it’s a tax. Even justice Roberts called it a penalty and a tax, which makes no sense at all. You cant challenge Obama care because it’s a tax and, nobody has been forced to pay it, once someone pays it they can challenge it. This was planned for one purpose, to take more money from Americans and hand it over to the bankers and, open up more doors for more taxes, I suspect a carbon tax. Both traitor parties now can sit back and say it’s the supreme courts fault. They are the supreme law.

The goal of the world elite is to have a cashless world. Transactions will be done electronically. There is one scary part of Obama care which people been avoiding. When they do talk about it they use misinformation and, direct people to HR Bills that were not voted in, and claim its just a rumor or, send them to the wrong bill completely.
Obama care approves RFID chips click on the link, Obama care indeed has mandates for RFID chips implanted into a human. Since nobody read the dam bill or, they did and, don’t give a crap they sure are being quiet. The link will show you directly that you will be chipped. There is no way Obama care will be taken away. The goal is to have everyone chipped. So enjoy the show on the main stream news, just be prepared for that chip.

Most states already have their exchanges set up, the federal government sent tons of your tax dollars or printed more and sent it off to the states to add more people to the medicaid roll. Some states didn’t take the money most did. Anytime a state takes money from the federal government it comes with conditions. Many states are using this money on other budget problems. Wait until 2016 and the states claim they have no money and take people’s pensions. They are putting the US in debt on purpose, welcome to the new world order.


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