‘Agenda 21′

The Truth About Shoebox Flats

September 8, 2012

Why shoebox flats are being made. Shoe box flats are being made because it’s been formulated by the United Nations. Shoebox flats are made for a few purposes. One purpose is to break up the family. Another reason shoebox flats are made is for, pay more for less. You pay in most cases more per square feet than an 1000 Sq feet flat. Governments are rolling the shoe box flats out to collect more tax revenue and for contractor friends to make a large profit. Shoe box flats will increase density in areas meaning less parking spots or more parking lots in which you have to pay for monthly. They tell you it’s for the earth but same as the false global warming it’s about tax revenue. Shoe box flats are part of agenda 21.

America 2040 Living In The Grid

August 7, 2012

America 2040 Living In The Grid
By TJ Adams

America 2040 Utopia mega regions is an world governance system planned for many regions across the United States. On paper they make it sound as if it will bring growth and jobs. Mega regions are sold on convenience, sustainability, lower costs.

They say “boundaries began to blur, creating a new scale of geography now known as the megaregion”. What they really mean is sprawl is not sustainable. They go on to say “As continued population growth and low density settlement patterns place increasing pressure on these systems, there is greater impetus to coordinate policy at this expanded scale”. What this means is that people will have to move within a mega region set by boundaries they choose. You will not be allowed to live in the outer zones of these mega regions.
They say “Most of the nation’s rapid population growth, and an even larger share of its economic expansion, is expected to occur in 10 or more emerging mega regions: large networks of metropolitan regions, each mega region covering thousands of square miles and located in every part of the country”. These are actually large zones they set up. Everything will be inside these regions/hubs, industry, schools, hospitals, limited homes, only for the rich. Most people will live in apartments which they call sustainable living apartments or micro apartments. New York city is planning on building these micro apartment, other countries call these micro apartments Inhumane. The bankers and your politicians have allowed companies to form SPP to buy all the infrastructure in these areas. Water plants, sewer, trash collection, high speed rail and regular transportation rail. These mega regions will be connected by high speed rail which is not sustainable the true global cost of high speed rail will cost the public dearly in tax subsidies for the private companies who own the rail systems. Your water bill, sewer bills will go to private companies who may be located outside of the United States. These companies will raise prices and skim off the top and make a profit.

They say The five major categories of relationships that define mega regions are:

• Environmental systems and topography – Means global private companies will dictate to you how to sort your trash or you will be forced with a fine to comply. Paper goes here, plastic goes here. You cannot collect water off your own land, they will dictate what you can, and cannot grow in your garden, or if your allowed to have an garden at all.
• Infrastructure systems – Basically all your utilities, transportation all run by private companies ect ect
• Economic linkages – Rail and bicycle routes, with less regard to roads, force people to global company owned mass transit.
• Settlement patterns and land use – Dictate where you live and what you can do with your land and they decide how the land will be used, not the community or average citizen.
• Shared culture and history – Teach children about other people’s and be forced to accept others culture and languages and laws. Meaning America will allow Sharia law and other laws to be implemented. Quota’s, as to each race living in a sustainable apartment. Example – certain percentage of black,s Caucasians, Latinos, to each building.

As in NY city they will start to tell you what cooking oil you can use. You will not be allowed to smoke in your own home. Limit how large of a soda you can buy. No salt allowed in restaurants, and the list goes on.

Car prices will increase and your average person wont be able to afford a car. Purpose is to make all people use a private companies transport system, buses, trains and so on.(forced false capitalism) Or socialism.

People will will be stopped and searched at all activities outside their home. Monitored while in the home.
If you travel you will be scanned or searched before your allowed to go on public transportation which is now owned by companies and not the city or mega region.
All Americans will be required to have a RFID chip. Purpose for buying and selling goods, healthcare, and for travel. Cash will be gone.

Parks and scenic areas will be off limits to the general public and used only by elite and or government people.

They say “While every mega region may not share every one of these characteristics, the possession of several indicates a stronger and more cohesive mega region”. The Northeast Megalopolis, identified as early as 1961 by geographer Jean Gottman. Who is Jean Gottman? he became a paradigm in urban geography and planning to define polinuclear global city-regions. Notice global cities. He also went to Princeton by receiving a Rockefeller fellowship. He worked at the United Nations 2 years as an international officer.

They state “challenges span regional boundaries Across the nation, community leaders, businesses, and policymakers are confronted by challenges that affect their cities and neighborhoods but which cannot be solved by actions taken solely at the city or metropolitan scale”. This means global companies will work with local politicians in the control and policies made for your mega region with ownership to global companies. They say “Protecting public watersheds that span multiple state and regional boundaries is one example of a challenge that requires coordination at the mega regional scale”. This sounds great, your water is being protected, wrong. It means the private companies will own the water sheds and you will be forced to pay tax on the water and, another tax on the discarded water from toilets, showers and so on. These people make no secret as what the real plan is. It’s socialism and control of your city and, its resources by global companies. In their own words they have called for global taxes on water and discarded water. They haven’t come to full terms as how and what will be used as a global tax. We believe resources and carbon credits will end up being a global tax.

They write “The recognition of emerging mega regions enables cooperation across jurisdictional borders to address specific challenges experienced at this scale”. This means country borders, state borders, county borders and so on. They go on to say “One way mega regions can prepare for future population pressures is by marshaling resources to make bold investments in high-speed rail and other mobility infrastructure”. High speed rail is not sustainable and every country who has high speed rail has to subsidize it with the peoples tax dollars. Other mobility infrastructure refers to bicycle routes. Remember roads are not sustainable to them, besides your gas taxes are now going to the IMF. Many roads now have tolls on them but who owns the roads? international companies. You pay for a gasoline tax which is suppose to pay for roads, but now your government has sold the roads off to international companies who charge you a toll. They go on to say “protecting environmental resources, coordinating economic development strategies, and making land use decisions that comprehend all of these”. This Means shutting down coal companies, coal power plants, unless owned by globalist companies of their picking, such as GE.

Below they write – Global Integration Zones Are Competitive Unit. This means it has nothing to do with the citizen and only global companies. They decide if a rare earth minerals plant is put in your neighborhood. Remember the TPP trade deal isn’t a trade deal, Obama is secretly working with these globalists, it’s to allow companies to sue other countries governments over regulation. Meaning, if the cost is to much in the United States for a foreign company because of environmental laws they can change them.

Global Integration Zones Are the New Competitive Unit
They claim – “Our competitors in Asia and Europe are creating Global Integration Zones by linking specialized economic functions across vast geographic areas and national boundaries with high-speed rail and separated goods movement systems. The increased mobility of workers, business travelers, information, and goods between the networked cities of these mega regions enables greater collaboration, flexibility, and innovation. Efficient mobility is also a competitive advantage in the global playing field, where value is created by time savings”. This is all hog wash. It’s written to scare you into thinking we are lacking. Again, almost all high speed rail is subsidized and does not pay for its self. These so called zones are actually economic zones made by partnerships with governments and global companies. They are made to bring in low wage workers from nearby countries who do not get the protection as their own citizens under working conditions. In other words they bring in foreign workers at a lower pay to work in these economic zones. The companies pay little in taxes or none. The economic zones are set up for global companies. Global research are done from these zones and the governments get first hand knowledge of new break through.

They say “The limited capacity to move goods quickly and “on demand” is a serious obstacle that firms face in congested regions. Efficiently providing these services in a constrained and congested transportation system is among the greatest challenges for businesses trying to compete in the global economy. This challenge can be met with coordinated new investments in infrastructure development at the mega regional scale”. This means getting people off the roads and, making it expensive to drive for the average citizen. It means to clear out areas of the population to make a direct path from one mega region to the other. They will have to take peoples farm land, up root small towns and, move the people into the mega region. They will make mega trans highways used for shipping goods from one country to the other and, from mega region to mega region.

They go on to say “The recognition of the mega region as an emerging geographical unit also presents an opportunity to reshape large federal systems of infrastructure and funding, (They are selling out your infrastructure to foreign companies see bill HR 7.)such as future surface transportation bills, (HR 7) the reorganization of Amtrak, housing and urban development authorizations, and farm policy. Just as the Interstate Highway System enabled the growth of metropolitan regions during the second half of the 20th century, emerging mega regions will require new transportation modes that work for places 200-500 miles across. The key new links in this mobility system are likely to be High-Speed Rail (HSR) lines, which are uniquely suited to trips of this length”. As you see this is a push to make Americans dependent upon them. Their will be nothing between these mega regions. No people, they are set up for animals and wild life, and only large corporate farmers.

They go on to say “The metropolitan legs of the Interstate Highway System will continue to play an important role but must be better managed through smart highway tolling and information systems designed to reduce congestion and increase reliability, speed, and capacity”. Your gasoline tax pays for the interstate highway system why the tolls? Also when international companies buy large sections of highway, roads in that region are not made as to keep the people paying a toll by driving on their toll roads only. Many governors like Mitch Daniels have sold off the highway system to foreign companies who work for profit. The profits come from the tolls you pay on top of the gasoline tax you pay which is being funneled out the back door to the IMF.

They go on to say “In addition, new freight systems will be needed to meet growing goods movement needs, including Truck-Only Toll (TOT) lanes on key interstate highway corridors, linked to improved rail freight systems and airports and seaports.( This is made to bring in goods from Mexico faster to the mega regions everyone will be forced to live on) These improvements will create new capacity, making the nation’s goods movement system more efficient and reliable as it becomes increasingly integrated with global markets. This, in turn, will pave the way for a dramatic expansion of the nation’s logistics sector, providing new jobs to make up for losses in the ailing U.S. manufacturing sector”. The real purpose is to make it cheaper and easier for global companies to move goods into the country and out of the country, subsidized by tax dollars. Expansion of anything depends on real capitalism and not forced or pretend capitalism. How this will make jobs is not seen. There will not be toll road workers. It will be done by a electronic chip that is placed in cars and trucks. They simply deduct the toll road cost from your bank account. Most of it will be automated.

Austin Texas Pushing Agenda 21 Hard

August 4, 2012

Agenda 21 is strong in Texas

In Austin Texas agenda 21 is strongly being promoted. Agenda 21 would tear down homes, limit parking, take away car lanes, or put in toll lanes. It also promotes rail. In India
they tried all that. They built bus lanes and bicycle lanes and the people are suing to have access to the bus lane so they can drive. They thought a faster efficient bus lane and safer bike lanes would keep people from driving but, they were wrong. More people are driving and less people are taking the bus. In fact more people are driving and are demanding access to the only bus lane in India. If Austin Texas thinks building a train line will decrease traffic they need to look no further than India. Besides, who is going to ride a bicycle in sweltering temperatures to work or a restaurant? When a person can easily drive in the comfort of their air conditioned car. What the leaders will do is make it pricey to drive and force people to take public transportation by force rather than choice.

States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive

Australians Being Brain Washed Over Climate Change

July 30, 2012

Since Australia enacted it’s carbon trade the main stream news is quick to brain wash Australians. Australians wake up on a Monday morning to read how great cap and trade is and it’s not hurting anyone. Prices haven’t gone up all is well. In 6 or so years Australia wont have the minerals they have so easily as today. The cost for mining the minerals sent to China will increase in cost along with the carbon tax and taxes overall. After all Australia has an Australia Carbon Tax For Dead People. Australians should be reminded that colleges love to push man made carbon because that gives the professors and the schools grants and tons of money. Remember, Penn State University was caught sending fake computer climate data to universities in England. It’s a scam alright. For better information on climate change try global warming heartland

States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive

July 22, 2012

States Want To Tax You For Every Mile You Drive. Many states are wanting to put a GPS device on your car and tax you for every mile you drive. States claim they need more money to fix roads. People already pay a federal gasoline tax of over 18 cents per gallon of gas for road work and repair. Plus they have added many toll roads. With HR Bill 7 all states will have to have a plan to make roads toll accessible before they will be granted federal funds for roads. It also allows foreign companies to build and buy your roads and set up toll roads. If you understand agenda 21 you will see what they are actually doing. They are selling off infrastructure to companies including sewer and water plants and electric plants. Maybe some of you understand now, why your monthly costs on these items went up in price. under PPP private public partnerships they merge all three together to make a profit and split the profit amongst themselves. Example, if a city wants to put in new sewers they will find a company to invest in the sewer project. They will also find a group like the Sierra group to help make sure its a greener project. Also the state itself will invest. After the project is completed you go to your mail box and get your sewer bill and find out it does not cost $50.00 a month anymore but $120.00 a month. Those three groups who now control your local sewer make a profit and charge you more. You no longer can complain about service to your local government because they don’t own it anymore, or have any control, and you the people have no more control or, good service.

Read This you will be very upset Mitch Daniels and The Indiana Toll Road
More Info On Road Tax

Agenda 21 Strikes Again

July 10, 2012

Water Securitization, Agenda 21 and the Right to Life

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
July 11, 2012

There is an estimated 366 million, trillion gallons of water on planet Earth. That number appears to be fixed, according to UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Program (HIP). The alarmist threat of man-made climate change states that where and how this water manifests itself in hydraulic flux across our biosphere is questionable.

The HIP are a UN program system devoted to researching and finding natural water resources and managing those resources found. While the UN is well aware that the necessity of water as a vital source for life means the retention of power over all life, they are well into their schemes to develop global governance over all sources of fresh, clean water.

The IPCC document HS 15332 Climate Change Impacts: Securitization of Water, Food, Soil, Health, Energy and Migration explains how the UN plans to secure resources to use at their disposal. Through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under-developed countries are forced to sell their resources to the global Elite as “full cost recovery” to the global central bankers. Once those resources are under the complete control of the IMF they become assets to be reallocated back to the enslaved nations for a price.

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Australia Carbon Tax For Dead People

July 9, 2012

A Melbourne family who claim they were slugged an extra $55 “carbon tax charge” when burying a relative were told “even the dead don’t escape the carbon tax”.

Erica Maliki and her family were burying her father-in-law at Springvale Cemetery when she was told the price per burial plot had increased because of the carbon tax.

The Lady in Red
NatalieMaynor / Foter

Her father-in-law died on June 30, the day before the carbon tax was introduced, and was buried early last week.

“I thought to myself, ‘What carbon could possibly be used by putting a man in a grave?’” Ms Maliki said

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‘California High Speed Rail’

July 7, 2012

California High Speed Rail
By TJ Adams

Will Eventually be subsidized. What can California do what other high speed rail countries cant? The pioneers of high speed rail Japan subsidizes its high speed rail along with many other countries.

All A Bored
bruceley / Foter

A little history on high speed rail- From 1960 to 1980′s Japans high speed rail accumulated massive debts. The system was privatized by creating seven Japanese Railway operators, and the $280 billion debt was transferred to the taxpayer. Japanese tax payers are still paying on this debt. Four of the seven Japanese operators are government owned, and 3 are privately owned. The three private operators receive another $2 billion subsidies annually from the government. The government high speed rail is also subsidized. All 7 rail companies are subsidizes with tax dollars.

The French high speed rail program has a $10 billion annual subsidy according to a study by Amtrak in 2008. With trickery they show $1.75 billion profit but this is false because the $10 billion dollar subsidy makes it look like they have a profit. To deal with this debt, French high speed rail will increase track fees by 40% between 2008 and 2012 to reduce this debt, low ridership routes have been canceled. Fares are being increased by more than twice the rate of inflation and in some cases even more.

It is believed that Spain spends nearly $3 billion on high speed rail subsidies annually and Germany more than $1 billion per year. We also know that the high speed line between Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda (in the Netherlands) has been saved from bankruptcy with a £250m government bailout. It has been losing £320,000 per day due to disastrous levels of patronage.

In Taiwan, it became necessary for the Taiwanese government to take over the running of the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation in 2009 as it was almost bankrupt. Within 2 years Taiwan’s high speed rail lost more than $2.1 billion. Low passenger numbers were the main reason and the determination of how many riders the high speed rail would have was over estimated.

China which now has a greater distance of high speed line than any other country also has the largest debts from its rail building. Most average Chinese citizens cant afford to ride on the high speed rail. In 2011, these debts amounted to $317 billion, that was for only the first half of 2011 which has raised concerns for the World Bank. Which, is why the IMF tells governments to be prepared to come up with other revenue to keep the rails going.

California’s illusion of a profitable high rail is delusional and wont work. The Californian tax payer will be forced to pay or every man women and child in the United States will pay through taxes.

Americans Subsidise Trains California

July 7, 2012

Amtrak Subsidies 24 cents per mile with tax payers dollars
California OKs funding for high-speed rail line
Take a ride on Amtrak Lincoln Service


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) California lawmakers approved billions of dollars Friday in construction financing for the initial segment of the nation’s first dedicated high-speed rail line connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The move marked a major political victory for Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown and the Obama administration. Both have promoted bullet trains as job generators and clean transportation alternatives.

Tokyo 903
tokyoform / Foter

“No economy can grow faster than its transportation network allows,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a statement applauding the legislative vote. “With highways between California cities congested and airspace at a premium, Californians desperately need an alternative.”

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Spy Street Lights Agenda 21

July 4, 2012

Spy Street Lights Agenda 21

The American police state has introduced spy street lights in your city and town. This is another forced intrusion on the American people. They sugar coat the spy street lights as something we all want. Wait until you learn the truth behind the spy street lights. The spy street lights were made because of 9/11 says the inventor of the intrusion street lights. They are trying to sell these spy lights to the public as green technology. The other benefits they claim the street lights can do is make light shows because the lights can change colors. They also mention you can advertise with the spy street lights because the street lights can talk to the public, an advertiser can record advertisements through the street lights and broadcast the advertisement. You can even set up more lights onto the street lights and add more advertising. We all know this is a sham. The purpose is to spy on the public and for insiders to make money off the spying of citizens. They also show the street lights playing Christmas music through the spy street lights to the public, now that’s a laugh, atheist groups will sue as fast as you can say police state. This is all part of the United Nations agenda 21 which encourages putting down the rights of citizens. We now have spy meters, spy gas meters, spy water meters. If you do not believe we are living in a police state you are very wrong, it’s more like a global police state because these very same spy products are being introduced world wide, welcome big brother, welcome to the American police state and the new world order.

Homeland security is pushing these spy street lights and, your taxes are funneled through homeland security to pay for these spy street lights. Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago are a few places the American police state has already set up the spy street lights.

Spy street lights
1. Tape Persons near the Street lights
2. Count people for police
3. video and take pictures of citizens
4. Report instructions to citizens
5. Listen and Record citizens Conversations

Typical street light audio message, “Attention! Attention! curfew has begun, all citizens must be indoors now”.

Other uses of the American police state street lights will be weaponized street lights.

Agenda 21

July 4, 2012

Rosa Koire exposes Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a United Nations takeover of production, energy, land, minerals, construction. The United Nations created agenda 21 and wrote a book with it’s goals. It’s a global takeover under the disguise of sustainable living. Agenda 21 is implemented at the local political level but is world wide. Agenda 21 involves control of water and human beings. This is in no way a conspiracy the united Nations even wrote a book called agenda 21 with the goals it wants to achieve worldwide.

Australia Carbon Tax Fine 1 Million Dollars If You Complain

July 2, 2012

Australia Carbon Tax Fine 1 Million Dollars If You Complain. Australia’s government is actually threatening to fine businesses that blame the carbon tax for price increases 1 million dollars and, up. If you own a business and a customer walks in asking why the price of a product has gone up and, the business say’s because of the carbon tax they will be fined. The carbon tax in Australia will integrate with other countries carbon tax scheme until it goes global. Welcome to the new world order.

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