Putin Plays Cold War Games With Obama

Putin Plays Cold War Games With Obama

July 7, 2012

Russian strategic bombers have crossed into US air space two different times recently. So much for President Obama’s reset button with Russia. Russian bombers crossed into US air space on the4th of July. Russian strategic bombers have been probing the West Coast of the United States which caused the US air force to scramble jet fighters to intercept.

Tupolev Tu-160. Ту-160.
Peer.Gynt / Foter

Obama recently been negotiating with Russia over a reduction in nuclear war heads. As we explained earlier, Obama To Cut Nuclear Missile Heads Not Really. Putin is falling back to old soviet tactics of the cold war mentality in his attempt to intimidate the United States. Obama would be smart to ignore any more attempts to reduce nuclear missiles until Russia gives up it’s cold war philosophy. We can probably expect to see more Russian intimidation to bring Obama to the table for negotiating something that favors Russia and, not the united States.

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