Democrats Dont Care About The Poor

Democrats Let The Poor Homeless Starve

July 15, 2012

Democrats have declared a war on the poor and homeless. Major cities across the United States are banning homeless from sitting or, receiving free food by good hearted Americans. In many cities if you are caught sitting or laying on the side walk you will receive a fine or even jail. Imagine the old lady sitting down on her way home from coming from a nearby store. They too will face the penalty, this isn’t just about the poor. It’s about generating revenue too.

Churches and organizations are banned from feeding the poor and in some cases handing out water! cities are requiring groups to have costly permits to be allowed to feed the poor. In some cities, like NY city, they claim the food is unhealthy and that poor people cant have a can of soup for free. Other cities require groups to take classes on preparation of food. This has never been seen in the United States. The left will claim the right does not give enough tax dollars to home the poor in shelters, when the fact is their are more free beds than homeless. If your drunk or under the influence of drugs you are not allowed to go to a shelter over night, many of the homeless know this and don’t bother showing up at the shelters. Besides, the shelters don’t have enough food anymore since cities banned free food in many cases to be given to them.

Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and many more ban free food to the poor. The reason they ban the free food is not embarrass President Obama. In the 1930′s they had places called Hoovervilles where the unemployed would gather at areas for free soup and food. If these unemployed and homeless were to set up in a area today where free food was given, they would call them Obamavilles. They cant let this happen. Instead, Obama has increased food stamps and taken out the provision where welfare persons must be looking for work to keep receiving welfare. Now they can just sit in government housing and get free food and never bother to look for a job. If they go on the record as looking for jobs that will show a increase in the unemployment statistics and, embarrass Obama even more.

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