Scranton Pennsylvania Broke

Scranton Pennsylvania Broke

July 10, 2012

Scranton city workers are lining up to sue the city of Scranton Pennsylvania. Imagine being a retired fireman going to your mail box to collect your retirement check and only getting $600.00. Retired firemen of Scranton now get $600.00 every two weeks. They use to get $1,500 every two weeks.

All city workers of Scranton Pennsylvania now get paid minimum wage. The mayor wants to raise taxes on the residents and the city council is against raising taxes as they should be. Remember this is going 2.0 United States wide, very soon.

Jeff - City of Durham Engine #2 / Foter

Many people said this was going to happen. Mostly conservatives and moderates told you so. The left is still claiming everything is fine. Be prepared everyone, austerity has come to America. Your future been stolen because of corrupt politicians who over promised.

To learn what your politicians have done read Rich Americans Flocking Out Of The Country


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