Fourth Amendment violation caught on tape

Fourth Amendment violation caught on tape

July 4, 2012

Fourth Amendment violation caught on tape San Jose police who violated the Fourth Amendment in attempting to interfere in a garage sale held on private property were kicked to the curb by informed citizens who stood up for their rights.
Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The incident occurred this past weekend at a garage sale where the family involved were selling replica BB guns.

Amendment 4
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The clip shows a police officer walk onto private property and begin handling the Airsoft guns while claiming he had received a report that the family were selling real guns. Two other police officers are also on the scene as the officer – Tom Tiphayachan shouts, “stand back, somebody called and said you were selling real guns.”

Pointing at one of the family members and saying, “I know who you are,” the cop claims he has the right to handle private property without a warrant.

When the family points out that the officer is violating the Fourth Amendment and is being videotaped, he soon backs away.

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