Government Preparing For Civil Unrest

Government Preparing For Civil Unrest

July 11, 2012

The government is preparing for civil unrest and martial law. The military has been training in cities like Miami, Chicago and, ST Louis. People are starting to question why the military is training on the streets of US cities and in urban areas. What are they preparing for?

Tanks in ST Louis. The reporter said the Army didn’t not want him to report where the Army parked the tanks over night because of security reasons. Who do they think is going to bother the tanks, the American people? Who is the enemy here? Civilians said they would salute the troops as they drove by. I guess dumb Americans do not realize their is a law to keep the military from training and policing the people. It’s called Posse comitatus. Seems this being done for future use on the American people when everything collapses and, global governance comes into affect.


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