Im On Welfare Please Pay For My Cigarettes

Im On Welfare You Must Pay For My Cigarettes

June 28, 2012

Welfare recipients buy cigarettes with food stamps. I’m sure many Americans did not know that their tax dollars pay for other peoples bad habits such as, cigarettes and alcohol. How much money is used in tax dollars to buy cigarettes? 45 million Americans are on food stamps from 2011 statistics. According to the CDC smoking habits break down to this in 2010.

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19.3% of all adults (45.3 million people) 18 years old and older.
31.4% non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native
25.9% non-Hispanic multiple race
21.0% non-Hispanic white
20.6% non-Hispanic black
12.5% Hispanic
9.2% non-Hispanic Asian

19.3% of American adults smoke. We have 45 million people on food stamps who can buy cigarettes with food stamps. So we can calculate that 8,6850.00 million food stamp persons smoke. Every tax payer is paying for the over 8 million food stamp smokers.

According to the NY Tines 1.8 million people are on food stamps in New York city. New Yorkers are happily buying cigarettes for 3474,000 welfare recipients. Each pack cost on average $11.90 that’s the overall New York state cost per pack of cigarettes. If each of the 1.8 million people on food stamps bought one pack of cigarettes a month in New York city it would cost the tax payer 21,420,000 million dollars a month. If a person on welfare wants cash, they can pay for their cigarettes for free with their welfare card and re-sell the cigarettes on the street for a lower price for cash. You can easily see how this can lead to a under ground black market, just think like a criminal. In a city like New York city who dictates what you can eat, and not eat for health reasons, they are allowing vulnerable people kill themselves by buying cigarettes under the food stamp program. Don’t forget the government makes a profit for each pack of cigarettes sold.

Most Americans including myself, had no idea food stamps pay for cigarettes. More waste and entitlements. American tax payers are being fleeced.

Women fired for not accepting food stamps for cigarettes


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