Obama Care Can Cost Up To 9.5% Of Your Pay

Obama Care Can Cost Up To 9.5% Of Your Pay

July 3, 2012

Obama Care Can Cost Up To 9.5% Of Your Pay. Since a business wont be penalized unless they offer healthcare above 9.5% of your pay. We can try and guess what your premium will be. We know that your premium cost will depend on age location and which premium you get.
You Pay More For a Deductible Under Obama Care Obama Care Costs Higher We Been Fooled Again

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They offer medicaid which is free to many people and bronze silver for basic plans which cost you. They offer a gold plan and platinum plan. The average cost for a bronze premium taken into account of age, location. Average Bronze Plan $5,800 dollars. They say most costs will be between $5,000 dollars and $5,500 for a bronze plan.
From this we can figure out your monthly cost if you make $18.00 a hour. If you make $18.00 a hour and work 40 hours per week if a business covers you. It comes to 160 hours a month. $18.00 x 160 = $2880.00 if a business offers healthcare for 8% of your monthly income your cost would be $2880.00 x 8% = $230.40 per month per person. You cant ask for a subsidy unless a business charges over 9% of your monthly income. As you see your cost will end up being more if your single. The penalty starting 2016 $695.00 or 2.5% of your pay whichever is greater. From what I read a bronze plan does not offer a subsidy and another article says you do get a subsidy. Promise you Obama care will not work, the country will go broke either way.

Obama care is a scam! Bronze plan deductible is a couple thousand dollars around $2,750 before your subsidy kicks in. Which means you have to pay this amount in the healthcare system before a subsidy kicks in. Current individual cost on the bronze plan is capped at $5950 dollars. So you wont pay over that. You will still pay 40% of costs like emergency room and doctors office visits but only after you pay the deductible of around $2750. They make it confusing=g because its a rip off. They even lied saying it’s not a tax. Obama care is a bill to pay for low income people and emergency room visit from illegals. This is theft of the middle class.

Lowest incomes ( less than 133% of the poverty line) the tax credit amount is based on the limits the individuals premiums contribution to know more than 2% of income. In 2009 poverty line for an individual was $14,404. So those below this number by 133% will pay 2% of income for healthcare. Family of four 2009 poverty level $29327.00 they would pay 2% of income for healthcare. For those 300% to 400% of poverty level they will pay up to 9.5% of total income. Seems to me Obama worked out a plan to tax low income people and, raised taxes on the middle class.
Read it here http://www.kff.org/healthreform/upload/8177.pdf
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