Obama Care Will Never Be Repealed

Obama Care Will Never Be Repealed

June 30, 2012

Obama care will never be repealed and the powers in charge know this.

1. Obama and Democrats pushed the bill as a non tax.
2. Those Democrats who were voted out in 2010 probably would had voted different it had been called a tax
3. The news reports conflicting facts about Obama care to keep the people confused
4. The news nor Republicans ever said it was a tax
5. Congress has the only power to tax
6. Democrats and Republicans knew it would be upheld on the grounds as it being a tax and, said nothing
7. The news and Republicans said it would be based on the commerce clause by the supreme court
8. Again nobody ever said tax
9. Both Democrats and Republicans can put the blame on the supreme court for Obama care when practical
10. Obama care was sold to the people by lies and deceit
11. First thing Democrats said to the supreme court was – its a tax
12. Romney can not get repeal Obama care because its a law
13. It would take Republicans to win the Senate, keep control of the House and for Romney to win to repeal Obama Care
14. As soon as IRS was written in the bill for all to see, it was obvious it was a tax
15. If states don’t plan their exchanges in time, the federal government will do it for them
16. One of the many ways Penalty’s will be taken will come out of your paycheck by the business you work for, who then sends the money to the IRS but ultimately the penalty funds go to the federal reserve a private banking cartel.
17. The healthcare bill was known to be written by known socialists when American socialists released names of congressional Democrats in their ranks.
18. This healthcare bill is about the control of the American people
19. The most important reason Obama care wont be repealed Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

John Dingell Democrat Michigan admits its about taking over control of the American people.

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