Who Wrote Obama Care

Who Wrote Obama Care

June 30, 2012

Obama care was written by a few departments in Government and healthcare insurance companies. It was backed by the banks, Pharmaceutical company’s and Insurance companies, AARP.

Insurance Companies write Obama care bill Evil Liz Fowler

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HR Bill 3962 came about from previous bills revised which related to healthcare. House Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce and, Ways and means committee. What these departments are doing writing healthcare bills is strange. The people behind Obama care were Nancy Pelosi Democrat California who has become very rich since her political career to the tune of a few hundred million dollars. Robert Andrews Democrat New Jersey, George Miller Democrat California, Frank Pallone Democrat New Jersey, Charles Rangel Democrat New York, Fortney Stark Democrat California, Henry Waxman Democrat California. The big daddy was John Dingell Democrat Michigan and czar of Obama care Liz Fowler has more than 20 years of experience in health services research and health policy. She served as vice president of public policy and external affairs for WellPoint, Inc. a healthcare company.

Obama care was written to take control of the economy and control people as John Dingell said. The goal is to make it universal and in the near future and to make it easily integrate world wide for when global government takes over as in new world order.

If this don’t make your blood boil, Democrat John Dingell Michigan say’s Obama care is to control the people

Another part of Obama care Obama Care Approves RFID Chips is something the banks want done kin the near future.


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