Obama Care Tax How Much You Will Pay

Obama Care Tax How Much Will You Pay

June 28, 2012

How much will you pay under the new Obama care tax? If your poor you will fall under medicaid. States will be required to lower the standard meaning (lower income persons) to include poorer people into medicaid. Since the supreme court tossed out the mandate where states have to expand medicaid by 133% of poverty line means A portion of Obama care will not be complete or, less people will get insurance subsidized but, medicaid will still expand in every state. Many will be subsidized by people who work. After a few years the states will have to raise the eligibility, meaning you will be dropped from the medicaid Obama care because, you will make to much money because the formula changes. Illegal aliens still get free healthcare at the hospital. The Federal Government will decrease money given to the states for medicaid by 2016, as Obama care dictates. Those people will be taxed or forced to buy healthcare. Your income tax return will be taken by the IRS. The IRS will be able to take you to court and you will be charged double the penalty. It’s obvious that Obama implemented Obama care by deceit. Obama said over and over it wasn’t a tax but, while arguing before the supreme court they said Obama care was a tax and was constitutional.

Obama care healthcare tax on the middle class. Remember under socialism their is no middle class only rich and poor. The global government is implementing world wide socialism under the new world order. We don’t know the cost of Obama care because the states have to make exchanges. The cost wont be cheap as they said.
Here are the penalties for not paying for healthcare.
In 2014 you will pay 1% of your income towards Obama care.
In 2015 you will pay 2% of your income or a $325.00 penalty which ever is greater
In 2016 you will pay 2.5% of your income or $695.00 penalty which ever is greater
They do have caps on the penalty for families of around $2,500. But this can go up depending on how much money you make.

You will pay with this Obama Care Approves RFID Chips

If you make $50,000 dollars a year and are single in 2016 you will pay $1,250.00 dollars if it goes by the 2.5% rule for healthcare as some have said which isn’t true I believe, or, a penalty of $695.00 or 2.5% of your income depending on which one is greater. What will determine your cost is age, location where you live and, which plan you chose. The bronze plan is the cheapest. The bronze plan average is $5,800 dollars a year. Remember, you will pay a monthly premium and once the premium is met you will get the discount on care. Under the bronze plan you will still pay 40% of your care or procedures you get. The penalty is lower than actually paying for healthcare they say, but, how long will that last? The penalty is a Government gimmick, they will have to raise the penalty higher than the actual monthly cost to force people to pay for healthcare. The government is taxing the middle class to the poor house. Obama care will cut 500 billion dollars from medicare. 20 million people who have healthcare will lose their healthcare.
Government always makes things cost more expect by 2020 the tax will be no less than 6%.

The CBO actually says with new information it will increase the national debt.

26 million to 27 million non elderly will still not have insurance including illegal aliens who will get free healthcare.
If you don’t buy health care insurance you will not be in compliance with the IRS. You should be very scared.

If you plan on getting a tax return from the federal government forget it, Obama care tax will take your tax refund. The question should be, since people must pay a tax does the tax go to the federal reserve which is a private company. Will your Obama care tax actually be used to pay the interest on the money the federal government borrows from the federal reserve. Seems to me this another banker new world order plan to make every American poorer and homeless. Contrary to what you believe your payroll taxes do not pay for anything but the interest on the debt.

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