Federal Reserve Is A Private Company

Federal Reserve Is A Private Company

June 26, 2012

The federal reserve is a private company. Their is nothing federal about it. The federal reserve is made up of a group of international banks from Europe and, the USA. Who are the banks who make up the federal reserve? Nobody knows, since it’s a secret and, the public is not allowed to know who they are, you can guess who they are, to big to fail and, your very large international global banks. The federal reserve has the power to control the United States economy. We do know JP Morgan was one of the secret founders of the federal reserve and he was a puppet of the Rothchilds banker family from England.

How does the federal reserve make money? When the US government needs money they basically call up the federal reserve ( A private company) and say we need 1 billion dollars. Then the federal reserve prints 1 billion dollars out of nothing ( they create the money ) and, the US government prints out fancy looking treasury bonds worth 1 billion and, hand’s those to the federal reserve with a promise to pay the 1 billion dollars back with interest. The American tax payer is responsible for paying back the federal reserve the 1 billion dollars plus interest. Even though it wasn’t the American people who made the loan with the federal reserve.

The federal reserve is a banking cartel just like OPEC is with oil, they set the price and the production of oil, if they increase the supply of oil the price comes down, if they produce less, the price goes up. The federal reserve dictates the interest rate the government must pay. High interest rates means higher borrowing costs for everyone, which means less investment and, less jobs.
The federal reserve joined a partnership with the United States government. The federal reserve has the government write the laws that gives the permission of the federal reserve to do as they please. Most of the laws the government makes are to protect the federal reserve since they are partners. The US government also gave the federal reserve a monopoly to produce the countries money. The purpose of the federal reserve is to protect large member banks from competition, protect profits and margins.

When the federal reserve ( federal reserve is a cartel of banks) gets into trouble they pass the losses onto the tax payers through congress with bailouts. The federal reserve will claim the banks are in trouble and it’s bad for the economy. The congress will then issue money (borrow) money from the federal reserve who are the very same banks who are in trouble. But remember, the federal reserve has the only power to create money. Then the government borrows money from the federal reserve and hands it back to the federal reserve with the promise that the tax payers will pay it back with interest. It’s called debt and deficit, it’s a scam.

Why is the USA in such a deficit. The US doesn’t produce enough good’s meaning, real products that can be sold around the world. The federal reserve and it’s cartel banks will not loan to people to create businesses or expand. Just as in the great depression the banks called in the loans from the borrowers creating the great depression. If the banks do not loan you have no prosperity. Before the great depression struck which was planned, the major players who created the federal reserve pulled all their assets out of the stock market for example the Rockefeller’s and the others. These people lost nothing but, actually became richer by buying up all the cheap assets.

Your congressman will borrow money to pay for the programs they create to get the people to vote for them. Your representative will promise all kinds of programs that supposedly will help you the voter. These programs need to be paid for but how to pay for them? Your representative does not want to raise taxes because it will make many voters angry and, high taxes means less production and, less jobs. If the people do not have money to buy things the economy comes to a halt. Your sneaky politician will borrow the money for these programs from someone who has the money such as China. Borrowing this money does not increase the money supply, it just makes another interest payment the tax payer has to pay for. Next your politician goes back to the federal reserve and asks for another loan the tax payer must pay back with interest. All the federal reserve does is print money out of nothing and charge the government interest which the tax payers must pay back with interest. For example, the government spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year so certain groups of people can have a free cell phone with free minutes each month. This is done on borrowed money and to gain votes.

How banks create money out of nothing. Pretend your name is Joe and you just received your paycheck and cashed it at the bank. You deposited $1000.00 dollars into your bank account. The bank yells out to everyone, hey! we have $1000.00 dollars we can lend out since Joe deposited one thousand dollars into our bank. One bank patron says but I need $9000.00 dollars and the bank replies not to worry, we can lend you $9,000.00 dollars because we can create 10 times the amount out of nothing and, its legal. so the bank creates money out of nothing and do not even have the money to loan. If the bank has 1 billion dollars they can lend out 9 billion they don’t have. That’s the scam folks money out of nothing and, the chicks for free. It creates debt.

We were warned about these banks from our founding fathers who were wise of today’s problems. Our founding fathers knew what would happen if the banks took control.

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs. Thomas Jefferson

Before 1913 the US had successful banking but the private bankers interfered and caused many problems for the people. Which caused the creation of the secret fake federal reserve private company, who were to fix all these problems but have actually caused the country to go to ruin. You ever wonder why banking and economics and the history is not taught in public schools? if it was the people would revolt. But today people are to dependent on government and, have written their fate.


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