Presidents Warning To American People

Presidents Warning To American People

August 12, 2012

Presidents Warning To American People

Many people don’t worry about the security system being built around them but, should they? You really should be concerned because you were warned by a former president about this. He warned of the military industrial complex.

A secret security network has been built underneath the American citizen noses. It watches every persons moves and doings. You might have enough time to commit a crime, but with these new systems you will be found eventually.

So, you think your free? as the police grid is built they are implementing laws to control your free speech. That’s correct,
they have just made it lawful as to where you can protest. If you want to protest, they have set up free speech zones that may be a couple blocks from where you want to protest. Out of sight out of mind. Americas founding fathers warned about people not being heard when they protest. It ends up becoming violence when the people no longer are heard. Many people today believe government no longer works for them and they might be correct. Politicians are setting up a police grid around them to keep the public further from them. They want to disarm the people while they have permits to carry guns or armed guards. Double standard wouldn’t you say.

Your government can now wire tap you without a warrant. They must be afraid of something. Maybe it’s you the general public.

They are building spy street lights in major cities. The public is being watched. Your being watched more than
communist Russia watched it’s people at the heart of the cold war.

Believe me this is no conspiracy, the enemy is you the public. The whole system is turning into a police state of surveillance.

In Japan they are working on robot cops. It’s only a matter of time before these robots are stationed on every city block. These robot cops work simply by a cell phone.

Weaponized drones with sophisticated cameras and capable of firing rubber bullets, ejecting tear gas canisters and launching taser projectiles are already here. they already have plans to use guns that fire real bullets.

New York will be rolling out a pre-crime prevention system Which will spy on the general public.

The TSA is being set up nation wide. They will stop and search every pedestrian and their isn’t one thing you can do about it. They will grope your wives and children.
They will be at your airports, trains, bus stations and highways. TSA is now unionized, which means the Democrat party has no reason to get rid of the TSA but in fact expand it. Unions always give the most money to Democrats, that’s just the way it is.

Lets not forget about those billboards set up along the road, they have those set up to spy on you too. This isn’t no game
these people in power mean to control every aspect of your life.

What is it called? it is the new world order. You were warned.

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