Obama calls for stricter Gun Control Laws

Obama calls for stricter Gun Control Laws

July 26, 2012

Obama calls for stricter gun control laws. Meanwhile dead people are allowed to vote because the laws are not strict enough on voting requirements. Obama sends AK-47′s to Mexico to blame the second amendment and calls for stricter gun control laws. Illegal aliens kill more people than 1 maniac with a AK-47 in America because the immigration laws are not strict enough.

Training in Iraq Continues for Colorado Guardsmen

The people want their AK-47′s because the government acts like a third world country. The people don’t trust the government anymore. Poll after poll shows people buy guns because they don’t trust the government. Police just shot a unarmed man down in Anaheim California, this happens more often than admitted. When the police give up their AK-47′s then the people will but don’t count on it.

People are waking up to the police state and the abuse by government, I would bet the people will get AK-47′s banned or not. We know crooks always have guns more so in cities where guns are already banned.

Americans must join www.gunowners.org www.nra.org


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