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Anaheim police protesters take message to Disneyland

July 29, 2012

Anaheim police protesters take message to Disneyland
Leanne Suter and Melissa MacBride
Protestors gathered Saturday outside Disneyland and at the scene of one of three officer-involved shooting that claimed a man’s life a week ago.

The protesters were peaceful as they made their voices heard. They said they want the Anaheim police chief removed from his position and they want the police department put under a microscope to explain what is behind the string of shootings.

“What I hope to accomplish here today and the rest of us, [is] that the people are aware of what’s happening here in the city of Anaheim and that we want the police to be accountable for their actions,” said protester Yvonne Elizondo.

Demonstrators also gathered at the scene of the first shooting that sparked major protests in the city. Calling it a “sidewalk speak out,” residents voiced their frustration with the police department and their actions last Saturday, saying that there was no reason for officers to open fire on 24-year-old pursuit suspect Manuel Diaz.

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