America worse off 4 years later

America worse off 4 years later

September 10, 2012

America worse off 4 years later.
Obama’s promise of 5.6% unemployment if the stimulus was passed never came to be.
Banks are holding off on foreclosed homes so they don’t have a huge supply of homes on the market so they can make bigger profits on the current foreclosures. Their is a huge number of foreclosed homes in the waiting.
Obama’s promise of 5 million green jobs never came to pass. In fact, almost every green company backed by stimulus money failed. Costing tax payer hundreds of millions of dollars. Meanwhile those who were given stimulus money walked away rich as hell.
Food stamp use has increased by the millions yet Obama team tells you things are better. How can things
be better when food stamp use is increasing. That tells you a few things, like, no jobs are being made, jobs that are being made are low wage jobs.
The economy needs to make at least 150,000 jobs a month to lower the real unemployment record but more like over 200,000 a month. Any idiot can look up the employment statistics and see jobs have not increased and what jobs were created pay below $10.00 a hour.
Also the government will wait a month and then revise the past months jobs which usually show less jobs were made than what they reported, it’s a scam folks.

When President Obama took office, unemployment was at 7.8%. After three and a half years, it stands at 8.1%. When you have over 384,000 people walk away from the job market in one month and no longer included in the official unemployment numbers of course it makes things look better, but it’s not the truth. Things are worse off than what they say.
Median income when the President took over was about $55,000. Now, $51,000. Gasoline prices in January 2009 were $1.84 per gallon. Now, $3.82 per gallon. That’s painful to working folks and it’s largely ignored by the President. National debt of $10.6 Trillion when President Obama took the oath of office. It is now more than $16 Trillion – an astronomical and dangerous rise.
Finally, the budget deficit in President Bush’s last year was $458 Billion. In 2011, under President Obama, it had risen to nearly $1.3 Trillion – again, a dangerous amount of money to have to borrow.
GM’s volt is being moved to China along with Cadillac. Most will now be made in China. The GM volt is no longer being made at all.
We get the same results with whichever party is in charge, good jobs leave the country.


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