Obama To cut Nuclear Missile Heads

Obama To Cut Nuclear Missile Heads Not Really

July 4, 2012

Obama plans cutbacks in U.S. nuclear weapons missile heads. Really? Currently Russia is removing aging nuclear missiles from it’s force which leads us to believe that’s the reason why Russia wants a treaty to reduce nuclear weapons. Russia has to be ridden of their aging nuclear weapons but at the same time they are under modernization of nuclear weapons which have multiple war heads

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Is the US and Russia actually reducing nuclear missiles? A multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) warhead is a collection of separate warheads. By contrast a unitary warhead is a single warhead on a single missile.
With single warhead missiles, one missile must be launched for each target. By contrast with a MIRV warhead, the post-boost (or bus) stage can dispense the warheads against multiple targets across a broad area.

What this means is a nuclear missile can carry multiple war heads on one missile. If you count taking a unitary missile from the stock pile you can artificially reduce the count for both countries. Then again, you can add more nuclear war heads to the Mirv nuclear war head and, count that as one nuclear war head. When dealing with politicians don’t believe in to much of anything.

Russia actually has more nuclear war heads than the United states. They do not have to report how many weapons they have depending on the class of weapon. So it stands we do not know who has more nuclear weapons.
Who really has more nuclear weapons


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