Obama Exploiting James Holmes Murders Gun Control

Obama Exploiting James Holmes Murders Gun Control

July 26, 2012

Obama finally says what he feels, he wants gun control. The 2nd amendment is nothing to do with hunting and shooting. The second amendment is about protecting oneself from harm and government tyranny. The founding fathers were direct on those points. Obama knows this, after all he is a constitutional lawyer. Limiting the gun a person can own is like limiting the first amendment. You can say what you want but you cant say what you want in a movie since they didn’t have movies in the 1700′s. Thousands upon thousands of people own AR-15′s AK-47′s and they don’t go out and shoot people. To turn the Holmes case into a political issue shows you how shallow politicians can be.
Governments have killed more people than anyone. Look at history, every police state must get rid of the peoples arms because a police state cannot go hand and hand with a armed population who can fight back. Pol Pot, Hitler and the list goes on, the first thing they did was disarm the people. All tyrants want to disarm the public, that’s the law of history.

The DHS bought over 450 million rounds of ammunition. who do you think that’s meant for? It sure isn’t used for border patrol.


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