Garden Police Are Watching You

Garden Police Are Watching You

July 28, 2012

American Garden Police

Yes the garden police have struck the United States. Your government made sweeping laws that pertain to farming and gardening. The bill is so vague it actually controls the giving away of food from your garden, even the chemicals you can use in your garden. The law even pertains to banning of garden seeds and, much more. The government will say there is no such laws pertaining to your garden but can you trust them? The police grid is ever growing and controlling every aspect of Americans lives. The laws are made so vaguely written that they can do just about whatever they want, because interpretation of the law is done by the government. Be assured that when the economic collapse comes, these garden laws will come into effect. You don’t even know which laws your breaking until the code inspector shows up at your door. Be prepared to pay and pay, fleecing the people is the new economy.

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