General McChrystal Calls For Military Draft In United States

General McChrystal Calls For Military Draft In United States

July 9, 2012

Former Army general Stanley McChrystal Called for a all Americans to embrace national service, in other words a draft. The draft was ended after the Vietnam war.
During the Aspen ideas festival he told the elite crowd “I think we need a national service” the elite crowd cheered him on. Back during the Vietnam war the elites children were never drafted into service and, if they were they received cozy state side jobs or, were stationed in Europe far away from the Vietnam war. Many of the elites children slipped away from the draft while the poor and middle class children were forced to fight a war that was never declared. McChrystal went on to say many young people would embrace a draft. He also said if everyone over the age of 25 went into a bar and talked about where they served it would unite the people.

Every war fought since the Korean war has been illegal. Only congress can declare war. As you probably noticed over the years the senate and congress is a push over and, no longer lead but, follow a dictator or let the United Nations decide are fate. Most Americans do not even realize that their sons and daughters in the military have been under the United Nations mandates under war, where the United Nations tells Americans when and where to go to war. Since Kosovo American armed forces have been under the control of the united Nations. Your sons and daughters do not fight for America any longer. Your told by the propaganda on the news that they fight for America but do they? wake up and realize your sons and daughters fight for another power. the United Nations uses American forces to put certain countries under their control so they can spread global governance, they no longer call it global government or the new world order. Support the troops actually means don’t join or let your child go to these undeclared wars.

Panetta tells Congress we only need international approval to start a war. After we start a war we will inform congress. If you don’t think your government is hijacked by some globalists you better wise up.


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