Obama Exports Middle Class Jobs And Cadilac To China

Obama Exports Middle Class Jobs And Cadillacs To China

July 6, 2012

Obama Exports Middle Class Jobs And Cadillacs To China. Tells Ohioans a fib. Manufacturing jobs lost in Ohio under Obama.

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Currently, the only Cadillac built in China is the SLS long-wheelbase rear-wheel-drive sedan, whereas the CTS and Escalade are imported from the United States, and the SRX from Mexico. This imbalance is set to change in the near future, according to words by Joel Ewanick, GM’s chief marketing officer. The CTS was built in China in 2006 only. When it resumed being built in the united States. President Obama said in a stop over in Ohio that he is bringing complaint to the WTO over China’s high tariffs on American automobiles. It’s a little to late for that. By time the case makes it to the WTO the Cadillacs will be built in China and American middle class jobs will be lost. The US government owns 32% of GM and could had stopped them from building Cadillac plants in China. On another note Obama stated Ohio has gained manufacturing jobs in Ohio. The fact is Ohio lost 7,500 manufacturing jobs since Obama took office.

General Motors plans to build the XTS in China and, GM plans to build the ATS and CTS in China as well
. In addition to the appeal, building Cadillacs in China helps GM get around the pricey tariffs that China slaps on imported cars. We ask why Obama has waited so to complain to the WTO. By time the case is heard the jobs will be lost in the United States and the GM factories built in China.

But will these Chinese plants begin exporting Cadillacs to Europe and beyond? At the cost of American jobs.


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