American Global Police Ships

American Global Police Ships

July 29, 2012

American Global Police Ships

Global police to set up ocean floating base’s.The global sea base will be an old navy decommissioned ship, the USS Ponce. The ship will be refitted and, report to the Persian gulf in the summer of 2012. The floating base will be used to police the middle east and dock in the ocean off of unknowing countries shores. The global police sea base will host helicopters and special forces. It will house speed boats and work as quick reactionary force. The navy calls it an Afloat Forward Staging Base.

USS Ponce heads to sea after port visit to Seychelles.
Official U.S. Navy Imagery / Foter

Why does the global police need a forward staging base? Do they really intend to attack Iran? The sanctions against Iran are considered an act of war, even according to the countries enforcing the sanctions. The US and UK have put heavy sanctions on Iran along with the EU enforcing an oil embargo.
Obama is turning the US into a global police force or, is there someone else running the show. The US does not import oil from Iran, and countries like Greece receive oil from Iran at discounted prices. With Greece on the verge of an economic collapse, this just may be the final blow.

Many Americans do not want to be the global police of the world. Since Obama came into power the US has increased it’s war’s and has deployed more troops into other countries but, you never hear much of this from the main stream news. What you do hear is the rhetoric of reduced troops in Europe and a decrease in military personnel. Meanwhile, America the global police is in negotiation with the Philippines to station warships at it’s ports and in Singapore. Obama has sent Marines to Northern Australia and special forces into Uganda. Billions of dollars are put into a police grid in the United States and the American police are being militarized. Now America has floating check points in the ocean to police the world. Just one question, who is going to pay for all of this?


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