Spy Street Lights Agenda 21

Spy Street Lights Agenda 21

July 4, 2012

Spy Street Lights Agenda 21

The American police state has introduced spy street lights in your city and town. This is another forced intrusion on the American people. They sugar coat the spy street lights as something we all want. Wait until you learn the truth behind the spy street lights. The spy street lights were made because of 9/11 says the inventor of the intrusion street lights. They are trying to sell these spy lights to the public as green technology. The other benefits they claim the street lights can do is make light shows because the lights can change colors. They also mention you can advertise with the spy street lights because the street lights can talk to the public, an advertiser can record advertisements through the street lights and broadcast the advertisement. You can even set up more lights onto the street lights and add more advertising. We all know this is a sham. The purpose is to spy on the public and for insiders to make money off the spying of citizens. They also show the street lights playing Christmas music through the spy street lights to the public, now that’s a laugh, atheist groups will sue as fast as you can say police state. This is all part of the United Nations agenda 21 which encourages putting down the rights of citizens. We now have spy meters, spy gas meters, spy water meters. If you do not believe we are living in a police state you are very wrong, it’s more like a global police state because these very same spy products are being introduced world wide, welcome big brother, welcome to the American police state and the new world order.

Homeland security is pushing these spy street lights and, your taxes are funneled through homeland security to pay for these spy street lights. Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago are a few places the American police state has already set up the spy street lights.

Spy street lights
1. Tape Persons near the Street lights
2. Count people for police
3. video and take pictures of citizens
4. Report instructions to citizens
5. Listen and Record citizens Conversations

Typical street light audio message, “Attention! Attention! curfew has begun, all citizens must be indoors now”.

Other uses of the American police state street lights will be weaponized street lights.


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