Mass Stabbings Coming To America

Mass Stabbings Coming To America

August 7, 2012

Mass Stabbings Coming To America
By TJ Adams
Why Americans Are Dumb
With many Americans complaining that guns are the reason for mass shootings, one should look to China. China has banned guns, but it hasn’t stopped mass murders by knives. In fact evidence will show that these mass murderers who use knives almost always attack the most vulnerable who happen to be children.
A knife-wielding man attacked a kindergarten class wounding 28 children
In another case, A mentally ill Chinese man rampaged with a meat cleaver near an elementary school, hacking to death a second grader and an elderly woman, Five others were wounded.
Six people, including two young girls, were hacked to death in central China after they were attacked in the street by a man wielding an axe. Their is cases were up to 84 people been attacked and hacked at one time.

Many of the causes of the mass murders in China are mental reasons and loss of job. These people just like James Holmes and others plan their attacks a head of time. The only difference is, in China, they use knives, and in the US they use guns. Another difference is that in China, since they don’t have access to guns they prefer easy targets, and people who cant fight back such as young children. These knife swinging nut cases will kill teachers and security guards as well. You can rack up a large number of people attacked in China by knives just as you can with gun attacks in the US.

Many knife attacks in the US are stopped by average citizens who have guns, in Utah, a man with a gun stopped a knife attacker by pulling his gun on the attacker and stopping him. These cases never are reported by the main stream news because it does not fit their agenda, which is take guns from law abiding citizens. You can find case after case where people with guns stopped home invasions and other crimes. You wont find these articles on the first page of any newspaper.

When they succeed to take guns from law abiding citizens, you can expect these nut jobs to do the same here, as they do in China, attack innocent young children with knives. China has shown us this is the case and it does happen more than they say. Mass murders in china with knives are just as deadly as the mass murders in the US with guns.

Just last week a man in China killed 8 with a knife, more than the Wisconsin mass murderer. Should China ban knives and, America ban guns and knives.


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