Killing The Elderly Is Old News For Britains NHS

Killing The Elderly Is Old News For Britains NHS

July 2, 2012

Killing the Elderly Is Old News for Britain’s NHS
Written by R. Cort Kirkwood
Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Killing the Elderly Is Old News for Britain's NHS

Last week’s story here that Britain’s National Health Service euthanizes 130,000 elderly folks a year is no surprise.

Last year, a major report cited the socialist health-care agency for neglecting the elderly under its care. The neglect was so severe that doctors began prescribing drinking water to patients because they would otherwise die of thirst.

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In other words, nothing changes in Britain, no matter how bad the abuses are. That is the lesson to be be learned about nationalized health care. Euthanasia, as well, killed the patients more quickly than simple neglect.

Last Year’s Report

As The New American reported in February 2011, the NHS ombudsman published a scathing report that should destroy whatever romance Americans have for investing their tax dollars in a health-care scheme run by half-educated bureaucrats.

“Listen to Patients, Speak Up for a Change” detailed what happened to 17 elderly patients in the care of NHS.

Consider the story of Ann Robson, as told by her daughter. After Mrs. Robson fell out of bed, apparently breaking her hip, she landed in the hospital. But no one at the hospital, daughter Liz Pryor wrote, where the mother had been for 90 minutes before Pryor arrived, knew anything about Mrs. Robson.

They didn’t know her age, where she lived, whether she could walk etc. She was very confused. She had had x-rays and been seen by the registrar on duty. It was a difficult diagnosis as they did not at this stage have any x-rays from her previous surgery to compare the new ones with. She had not been given anything to drink and was very thirsty.

It turned out that Mrs. Robson’s hip was not broken, but she did contract a virus in the hospital. According to Pryor, on one visit she and her sister learned that “Mum’s nighty was wet up to her armpits.”

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