Joker Suspect Was A Psychiatric Patient

Joker Suspect Was A Psychiatric Patient

July 28, 2012

Denver Suspect Was A Psychiatric Patient
Court documents show suspect James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist before the Colorado cinema massacre.
The suspected Batman movie premiere gunman was seeing a university psychiatrist specialising in schizophrenia before the shooting that left 12 dead and dozens injured, according to court documents.

Defence lawyers for PhD student James Holmes, 24, made the disclosure in a court motion.

They raised the motion to try to discover the source of leaks to the media that Holmes sent the psychiatrist a package containing a notebook full of details and drawings of his plans to carry out an attack.

The package was seized by authorities on Monday after it was discovered in the post room at the University of Colorado, Denver.

It is unclear if it was sent before the attack on July 20 at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

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