Dumb Americans Dont Realize A Police State Is Being Built Around Them

Dumb Americans Dont Realize A Police State Is Being Built Around Them

July 27, 2012

Americans your not free, they are building a police state all around you. A program called Infragard was started in 1996 under Bill Clinton’s American police state. Membership is now over 38,000 big brother spy’s who make up businesses who spy on customers and anyone. The police are being armed with drones called Draganfly which fly over head watching everything you do, hundreds of police departments now have drone capabilities. Some cities are setting up Light Based Intervention Systems which shoots a laser beam on a person they believe is a bout to commit a crime. The person will be lit up with a laser so everyone can see who is about to commit a crime or not. Another police state system is Spy Street Lights which count people, listen to people, and record your conversations while you walk down the road. They also have a weapon for crowd control called Skin Heater Weapons which heat a persons skin until they run away. Besides all these weapons it now came out that the NSA is spying on every single American. The military is now practicing raids with Black Helicopters in cities across the united States. Remember black helicopters are for tin foil hat people, seems it was true all along. The enemy is you the public. The DHS have mobile check points which are mobile laboratories to be set up anywhere for check points.

It would take a fool not to see what is happening. TSA is no longer just in the airports, they are at the trains buses and highways of America. Americans are not free and now live in a New World Order police state. They are still finishing up the touches on the police state. The DHS bought over 400 million rounds of ammunition and over 1000 bullet proof mobile check points. MAD mothers against drunk drivers was nothing about saving lives, it was an excuse to make check points for drunk drivers. If you have noticed they don’t check only for drunks, they check you for everything, and fine you for whatever they can find wrong. The state has no money they are broke, the police state will be used to increase revenue to the bankrupt society your incompetent politicians made. Americans you are not free, the last thing they have left on their agenda is disarm the people.


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