Korean Court Apple Samsung Infringed On Each Others Patents

Apple must pay Samsung $17,650 in damages and Samsung must pay Apple $22,000

August 23, 2012

Korean court: Apple, Samsung infringed each others patents

A court in Seoul, South Korea, has ruled that Apple and Samsung infringed each other’s patents and must pay damages, The Wall Street Journal reports.
Edward Moyer


A Seoul court has ruled that Apple and Samsung violated each other’s patents, has prohibited the companies from selling the infringing devices in South Korea, and has awarded both companies fairly insignificant damages, The Wall Street Journal reported this evening.

The three-judge panel also ruled that there was “no possibility” that smartphone buyers could confuse devices from the companies, the Journal reported — an interesting fact given the headline-grabbing trial currently being deliberated by a jury in California’s Silicon Valley. In that trial, which is just one part of the two companies’ international struggle over intellectual property, Apple has raised the issue of consumer confusion

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