New Seal Team 6 Book Fraud?

New Seal Team 6 Book Fraud Hoax?

August 25, 2012

Insider Exposes Bin Laden Death Book Hoax

A new book, allegedly put out by a member of the Navy Seal Team 6 outfit that allegedly raided Osama bin Laden’s headquarters in Abbottabad, Pakistan, is causing major uproar.
The book, No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal, claims to give a firsthand account of the raid by one of the Seals who actually witnessed the death of bin Laden.

The publisher, Dutton, a Penguin boutique imprint, would have us believe the book was not vetted by the Pentagon.

Also, Fox News claimed they received confirmation that the author’s name is actually Matt Bissonnette, instead of the pen name Mark Owen, and that the Department of Defense is supposedly pissed that the book has even been released.

On the contrary, as we’ve witnessed recently with the arrest and detainment of Brandon Raub, an unapproved publication would likely warrant a full-scale assault on its author.

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