Austin Texas Pushing Agenda 21 Hard

Austin Texas Pushing Agenda 21 Hard

August 4, 2012

Agenda 21 is strong in Texas

In Austin Texas agenda 21 is strongly being promoted. Agenda 21 would tear down homes, limit parking, take away car lanes, or put in toll lanes. It also promotes rail. In India
they tried all that. They built bus lanes and bicycle lanes and the people are suing to have access to the bus lane so they can drive. They thought a faster efficient bus lane and safer bike lanes would keep people from driving but, they were wrong. More people are driving and less people are taking the bus. In fact more people are driving and are demanding access to the only bus lane in India. If Austin Texas thinks building a train line will decrease traffic they need to look no further than India. Besides, who is going to ride a bicycle in sweltering temperatures to work or a restaurant? When a person can easily drive in the comfort of their air conditioned car. What the leaders will do is make it pricey to drive and force people to take public transportation by force rather than choice.

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