Does Joe Biden Need A Psych Evaluation

Does Joe Biden Need A Psych Evaluation

August 14, 2012

Does Joe Biden Need A Psych Evaluation
Biden says they will put you all back in chains. Over 100 million Americans collect some type of welfare, welfare is another form of slavery but most don’t recognize it. Biden even once said Obama is Goldman Sachs. The banks were also the biggest donors to Obama’s campaign last time around. If you were paying attention the banks were just all cleared of any wrong doing for the financial crisis. Biden please stop with the bold face lies, most people
are not as dumb as you think. It was Democrats who got rid of the Glass Steagall act in the late 1990′s that let the banks run wild.

Dependent Government Slaves is when the government houses and feeds the people. When this happens government has full control of the people. The people are then obligated to what the government wants, and the people are no longer free. Once the people are made dependent they will keep voting in their slave masters. The slave masters get the money from the people who produce in society. Those who produce hand their hard earned money over to the government, who then take care of the dependent people, made by the government, acting as their father.

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