Where Do Climate Change Scientists Get Temperature Readings

Where Do Climate Change Scientists Get Temperature Readings

August 2, 2012

Where Do Climate Change Scientists Get Temperature Readings?
Scientists get temperatures from land thermometers, half of which are at airports where they are artificially warmed by jet engines and hot tarmac, while most of the rest are in warming micro-climates such as near air conditioner outlets, at sewage plants or in car parks.

Obviously the data from these corrupted thermometers should not be used. But still, the public will believe what the main stream news tells them. You ever wonder how much money these scientists get in grants while they sit at their college laboratory and make up temperatures from a flawed system. Penn state university was caught red handed making fake computer temperature readings.

The world use to be hotter in the past as records show. It’s also shown that the sun has a major impact on the temperatures on earth. NASA has already explained that heat and temperature escapes the earths atmosphere.

Carbon taxes will kill jobs and kill your standard of living, remember, the rich wont feel one bit of change. They will still fly in private jets, own a few homes, own huge vehicles and these are the people preaching global warming. Wake up people, these elite will put you in the poor house. Everything you buy will go up in price. Your standard of living will go down when carbon taxes are fully implemented. They plan to tax a field of wheat, the truck carrying the wheat to the factory and, the bread factory. Bread prices should go up around 60 cents per loaf. Putting the small bakeries out of business and the large companies prosper. They plan this on everything, not just mining companies in Australia. This is a global tax coming very soon. Currently across the globe they are brainwashing your children about global warming and how you must give up things and sleep in the cold, after all it’s not sustainable, but, be assured the rich will have their heat on full blast.

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