Big Brother Scanners Coming Soon

Big Brother Scanners Coming Soon

July 11, 2012

Department of homeland security is coming out with laser scanners that can detect drugs, guns, weapons and, even the food you ate from a distance of 150 feet. Will these big brother scanners be safe? Will all citizens be lased for no reason? stopped and searched.

so true (I wonder if he knows?). WE HAD ENOUGH.
Nicholas Komodore / Foter

Stop and search’s occur daily in NY city with out regards to your constitutional rights. New York is a police state. The new world order is moving fast. The surveillance grid is being built around every person in America. This is a take over and every citizen should be alarmed. NY already dictates what you can and cannot eat. Bloomberg wants NY city to build shoe box apartments less than 300 square feet. They banned guns which is unconstitutional. Time for people to rise up and demand their constitutional rights back, the government has broken the contract with the people. Parts of agenda 21 are being implemented in NY city and many towns and cities across America. For more information on why this is happening read 9/11 And The New World Order


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