Netherlands Vote Themselves Into Oblivion

Netherlands Vote Themselves Into Oblivion

September 14, 2012

Netherlands Vote Themselves Into Oblivion
Sovereignty Evaporating: Europe’s Steady Slide Into Tyranny
Jurriaan Maessen
On September 12th 2012 the Dutch people have convinced themselves they actually had something to choose from on election day. The current ruling party in the Netherlands was declared winner, it’s leader (a self-proclaimed “liberal” named Mark Rutte who attended the 2012 Bilderberg conference) recently shoveled some 4 billion euro into the pockets of European bankers, with an option of some 140 billion euro more, when the European Commission deems more cash-injections necessary. Meanwhile the little people were allowed their glorious day of self-deception in the voting booth. Some of the political parties on the ballot pretended opposition to EU supreme rule, others openly embraced it. I have watched leaders of all major parties in the Netherlands openly proclaim that losing national sovereignty- in some cases abolishing altogether- is really a good thing- and all skepticism to the rule of European technocratic commissioners must either be met with accusations of xenophobia, or horrific specters of doom must be sketched if there is no immediate compliance to EU dictates.

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