A gallon of gas really costs double or more of what you pay

A gallon of gas really costs double or more of what you pay

August 2, 2012

A gallon of gas really costs double or more of what you pay.
For each gallon of gas a person buys a portion of the cost of the gasoline has a federal tax added to it.
Federal tax on a gallon of gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon.

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Diesel fuel federal tax per gallon is 24.4 cents. Each state adds tax to each gallon of fuel on top of the federal gasoline tax. These taxes are for building and repairing roads.

What is the government been doing behind your back and unknowing Americans? they are making as many roads possible into toll roads. In fact they have bills that currently state that states must have a plan of attack on how they will turn roads into toll roads before the federal government will send them money collected
from the federal gasoline tax.

PPP- Private Public Partnerships are given your tax dollars. Foreign corporations are taking over our U.S. highways using public private partnership toll road contracts.
The private company may only own the software system for collecting tolls but in many cases they own the roads too, or both. Many Americans do not know they are paying to build roads through subsidies of taxpayer money through the gas tax.

It costs 1-2 cents per mile to travel a gas tax funded freeway, but anywhere from 20 cents a mile up to 95 cents per mile to use a toll lane. Lets say your on a toll road and the toll is .50 cents per mile. You drove 20 miles. Your cost is $10.00. As you see, if your car got 20 miles per the gallon and you drove 20 miles on this toll road your cost is ten dollars plus per mile or over ten dollars per gallon of gasoline. These private companies are making huge profits just for your driving. Since many foreign companies own the toll systems in the US, this money leaves
the United States.

These companies purposely make the free lanes of the roads very congested and force people to pay for the expensive tool lane. The government has given private companies the right to tax the American people.

PPPs also contain non-compete clauses that prohibit or penalize the expansion of free roads surrounding the privatized toll roads. In other words more congestion and more people forced onto the toll roads. Toll roads
will be expanding in every state over the coming years. So, if you think your paying $3.75 per gallon of gasoline think again, add in the toll cost and your cost easily can double. Your being taxed two times, once for the purchase
per gallon of gasoline and, again for the toll cost. They also changed the rules. Say a private company builds a toll road and the ridership is below what they predicted and they lose money, now the tax payer has to bail out the toll road company. Before tax payers were paid first and investors last, not anymore.

They are trying to change driving habits. Changing driving habits isn’t easy. One city in India put in bike lanes and lanes just for buses, trying to make public transportation easier.
It didn’t work. Car sales continued to rise and the people started complaining to open up the bus lanes to cars too. San Francisco wants to charge people by the mile they drive on top of the gasoline tax and toll taxes. Car prices will increase on average $3,000 dollars more since Obama increased the mileage a new car must meet.

What do we have here? we have higher gasoline prices on top of toll taxes and now they are talking about charging people per mile driven. Car prices will be increasing. We know toll roads are expanding to highways all over the United States.
The politicians have failed us again. They could had raised the federal sales tax on a gallon of gasoline a few pennies and all would had been fine. Instead they sold you out to private companies who tax you to drive. Cowardly politicians snuck a back door cost to the driver because they were cowards to raise the gasoline tax a few cents. Now all Americans must pay more to drive, thank your 9% approval rating congress. They failed the people again.

The bicycle lanes they are putting in across the country in the name of green sustainability is another ploy to get your money, some places are requiring people to obtain a bicycle permit, another cost to you.

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