European Union Unleashed Drone Network

European Union Unleashed Drone Network

July 27, 2012

EU plans drone network to nab illegal immigrants
The European Commission had released a proposal to deploy drones across the Mediterranean Sea to catch illegal immigrants. The surveillance effort is part of a $410 million package to bolster EU border security.

Dubbed EUROSUR, the project proposes the use of drones, high-resolution cameras, satellites and spy planes to detect migrant vessels at sea.

RQ-4 Block 20 Global Hawk unmanned reconnaissance system at Farnborough 2010
Anguskirk / Foter

EUROSUR’s stated aim is to reduce the number of migrants reaching the Schengen area undetected, preventing cross-border crime and reducing immigrant fatalities. The project has yet to be officially debated in the European Parliament and Council, but some proponents of the project are pushing for it to be implemented as early as next year.
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