Conspiracies are true and the American people are the target

Conspiracies are true and the American people are the target

August 7, 2012

Conspiracies are true and the American people are the target
Since 9/11 the military and government have turned inward and basically say you the citizen, cant be trusted. A people who fears it government has good reason. Since Obama signed the NDAA bill on New Years eve 2011 Americans
can now be arrested with no charges and held indefinitely.

Skin heater ray gun weapons for crowd control feels like scalding water. How it works is by shooting a radio beam to 1/64th deep into your skin. Causing pain and making the person run away. To be used at check points,
protests and riots.

The next weapon is the federally funded spy street lights. Used for persons near the Street lights. It’s sold as a way to save money on city electric bills and for advertising and false safety.
1. Spy
2. Count people for police
3. video and take pictures of citizens
4. Report instructions to citizens
5. Listen and Record citizens Conversations

Red Beam light system. Beams a red light on a person before they commit a crime. They are attached to already installed street cameras. They admit the police are watching you and recording you.
The police will have a lap top and scan your license plate with the system and it will show the police your picture and tell them if your on a list. As in a list from Nazi Germany or communist countries.

Drones above. Many police forces will have drones above you watching your every move.

The Army is practicing on American streets today, this has never been done in the past. Since 9/11 the government has turned inward The TSA is being put across the nations roads and bus stations and train stations. Check points are being forced onto the American people. Try driving cross country odds are you will be stopped and searched even if you say No, I don’t agree to be searched.

For you people who say this is a good thing better think twice, imagine what your children and their children society will look like. Your children will live in a police state that only compares to the old Soviet system.


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