Sweden Goes Cashless

Sweden Goes Cashless

September 9, 2012

Sweden Goes Cashless
Sweden one of the test beds for the new world order.
Sweden, despite its tolerant and liberal veneer is one of the most controlled nanny states in Europe, government has its nose in everybody’s business.
Sweden promotes a cashless society which makes prices higher for everyone, if everyone used cash prices would be lower. Instead, the people who want to be trendy will promote cashless as the cool thing. People who use cash will be made to look low class just like those people who use to use the old food stamp coupon.
Banks world wide are promoting cashless. Why? because banks make more profit. The next step is for implanted chips in your body.
The bankers now run commercials in some countries at movie theaters promoting a cashless society.
One commercial shows a line of people tapping their card on a panel then one guy pulls out cash and everything comes to a halt and every person stops what they are doing and look at the poor guy like he broke the law because he used cash.

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