Chuck Schumer And Van Jones Attack Tea Party

Chuck Schumer And Van Jones Attack Tea Party

August 4, 2012

Sen. Chuck Schumer with Communist Van Jones
Schumer said 5.8% of radical Texans voted for Cruz. Schumer forgot to mention less than 9% of the people came out to vote. Schumer spins the truth and dumb Americans eat it up as truth. Schumer caught in another lie, he didn’t mention the tea party has helped Democrats get elected, the tea party is sick of tired of people like Schumer who are in office.
Remember the oil pipeline Democrats were against, the pipe line from Canada to Texas. The Canadian oil company might be bought by a Chinese company and now, Schumer, wants to block the sale of the oil company to China. Schumer your not an elected official of Canada what business do you have telling Canada what to do? If Schumer wasn’t playing politics and had approved the pipeline American jobs would had been made and the pipeline would had gone from Canada to the USA, now the pipeline will go from Canada to British Columbia then to China. Great job Schumer. Van Jones as self proclaimed communist and X Obama czar, who was kicked off Obama’s league of czars why is he even being given a voice? Schumer and a communist together.

Schumer and Van Jones


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