United Nations Gun Ban Treaty Farce

United Nations Gun Ban Treaty Farce

July 27, 2012

United Nations wants to amend the US Constitution. The UN is working on a small guns ban treaty which is actually a ban on civilians owning guns and would allow only armies and police to have arms. In the 3:10 time frame they state the Congo has problems with small arms. The fact is UN backed soldiers are doing the rapes and murders.The Congo government wants the UN troops gone from the Congo and had to order local armed police to over watch and protect the people. If the people were armed they could had prevented the mass rapes and murders. UN peace keeping force’s have been accused of rape prostitution and pedophile activities.The UN refused to name the nationalities of the UN peace keeping forces. We do know the UN peace keeping forces were armed, and committed tyranny. Congo already has a small arms treaty they signed which was backed by the United Nations. Other countries signed the ban as well. “The Nairobi Protocol for the Prevention, Control and Reduction of Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Great Lakes Region and the Horn of Africa.” The protocol was signed in 2004, by representatives of Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The treaty requires universal gun registration, complete prohibition of all civilian-owned semi-automatic rifles, “heavy minimum sentences for…the carrying of unlicensed small arms,” as well as programs to encourage citizens to surrender their guns, widespread searches for firearms, educational programs to discourage gun ownership, and other polices to disarm the public.

In Mali Africa terrorists took over 300,000 square miles including regions of Timbuktu Gao and Kidal in northern Mali. Mali was given US arms now in the hands of AL-Qaeda. Al Qaeda also inherited the stores abandoned by Mali’s army, including artillery, rocket launchers and large reserves of small arms and ammunition all from the US government. The UN small arms treaty is everything about controlling arms in western countries, mainly the United States. The ban will include arms, ammunition, components, parts, and accessories.

Google just starting censoring guns and ammo accessories people can no longer advertise on Google these products. The attack on American freedoms has begun.

In the Philippines corrupt Officials sell small arms to anyone The UN small arms treaty is a farce. The Philippines already have outlawed weapons for civilians and the USA is the last place the UN hasn’t taken control of. They want a list of all Americans who own guns, when the time comes for martial law, these people will be the first visited. Just like in any other country of the past the first thing a dictator has to do is make sure the people have no weapons. BUT first, they must disarm the people then the dictator comes.

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