Satan Will Rule Europe

Satan Will Rule Europa

July 10, 2012

Seat Of Satan now sits in Berlin Germany. The seat of Satan was taken to Berlin piece by piece. We take a history and biblical look at Europe and, view the news of today and the biblical sense of it all. It’s very intriguing what we found. We are not trying to convince anyone of anything, this is for education purposes only.

De toren van Babel, Pieter Bruegel de Oude (circa 1565)
jankie / Foter

Seat Of Satan was brought to Germany, In 1913. The reconstruction of the seat of Satan was completed in Berlin and, was followed by a tremendous opening ceremony of dedication. Within 1 year Germany was at war. Just before world war two Hitler built a replica of the alter of the seat of Satan in Nuremberg. Here Hitler would make some of his most famous speeches including the declaring of the extinction of the Jew.

Hitler had made plans for a post war Europe. He wanted a European Union, common currency and more. The very same plans Hitler called for after a post war are being implemented today. But who are the people implementing Hitlers plans and why?

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