Canada Free Masons Biometric Children

Canada Free Masons Biometric Children

June 28, 2012

Canada free Masons biometric children. Canada is gearing up for a cashless society and will be integrating harsh new world order measure with the United States and, the help of the masons. It’s as Orwellian as Obama Care Approves RFID chips. India is in the process of a cashless system by using finger print scans facial scans and iris scans of the eye.

Solomonic / Foter

What the main stream news forgets to mention is in India, they say it’s voluntary to have these 3 scans done. The truth is they will not receive benefits such as cash or be allowed to have a drivers license. Start putting the pieces together folks this is a world wide take over by the masters who run the federal reserve.
They declared Global War on us serfs.


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