How Federal Government Helps Communities Go Broke

How Federal Government Helps Communities Go Broke

August 8, 2012

How Federal Government Helps Communities Go Broke.
Obama and his talking clones love to promote Teachers jobs, police officer jobs, and, any jobs that tax payers are forced to pay. The Government like’s to step in and offer to pay for more teachers and police officers for a few years including their benefits. After the few years is up the local community has two choices, lay off those workers, or
increase taxes. Hiring new police officers is good PR for the local politicians but, not for the citizen. Later, when these government workers retire the public is forced to pay extremely high retirements and health benefits for these workers. These workers are part of a union who negotiates with local governments for better benefits that most Americans don’t get. The local politicians don’t care, because 20 years later he is gone and forgotten. You, the citizen are held accountable.

In Hagerstown Maryland Citizens will be strapped with $625,000 dollars in new taxes for 5 new police officers because the Federal Government is only paying for 3 years, after that the citizens of Hagerstown will have to foot the bill.

In Baltimore politicians were screaming they were going to have to lay off policemen because they didn’t have the funds. But some how they found the funds to build a new opera house for the rich Democrats.

Americans are being told you must have more teachers, but the teachers they have today produce sub par students who cant perform on a global scale. This type of hiring looks good on the books, and good for local politicians, but in fact its a trap. Later the average citizen is forced to pay for more retired teachers they didn’t need. Why do you think so many cities are going broke. These politicians over promised and the time has come to pay up. The gimmick cities use is to add up all the tax revenue and multiply it by eight. This is what they say they will gain from investing the tax dollars. In fact they usually only get back around 2% in gains.

Later, they scream that Republicans want to get rid of police officers and teachers but that’s not true at all. The local government has made this problem. Instead of the Federal government handing over $625,000 dollars to Hagerstown for police officer why not use the money investing in new business in Hagerstown, you know the type of business that produces products, and makes real jobs the tax payer doesn’t have to pay for.

Why not throw that $625,000 into after school tutoring. After all in Asia education isn’t free, and many families pay out of pocket for tutors. Asian families actually pay themselves and take matters onto themselves and do not rely on government to improve their child’s test scores. In Asia the schools are open late into the evening to help students and the Asian teachers have less or no benefits than Western teachers. A school district could easily set up a program where retired teachers could help students after school. They could use the $625,000 dollars for transportation and learning equipment for these students who need or want extra help.


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