American Political Failures Stimulus And Energy

American Political Failures Stimulus And Energy

August 26, 2012

American Political Failures Stimulus And Energy
We can make a huge list of the political failures by our leaders. But none are as bad Obama has placed on the American people. From car bailouts to failed solar and battery companies. Americans are now forced to pay over a billion dollars in these corrupt and phony schemes. Americans must pay for a stimulus that cost over 900 million dollars that did not bring unemployment down as promised or make long term jobs. In fact, your stimulus tax dollars paid for a electric battery company which has sold all it’s patents to China. Think about that a second. Your tax dollars were wasted on a battery company who sold all it’s secret to china and you paid for it. The only people who got anything from the deal were Obama backers who helped make the defunct battery company and China technology companies.

Obama did make his friends very rich who used the stimulus money to make failed companies.

Solyndra cost the American tax payer over 500 million dollars, jobs created? zero. It did make a few Obama backers very rich though.
Harry Reid says we must close down coal plants and make alternative energy, but, did Harry tell you he wants to import
the alternative energy from China? I’m sure you were not told about that part. I’m sure what you heard from Harry Reid is rhetoric like, we need middle class jobs and clean energy. Did Harry tell you his son represents the China firm for the green energy company and will make a lot of money off the deal? No, Harry Reid didn’t mention that part, nor did the main stream news.

We as Americans are being lied to and made fools of daily. Obama smiles in your face while serving you a shit face sandwich.

Here are a few ideas that will make change. All Americans should think about this and only vote for politicians who will do the correct thing for the American people. The current people in office minus a few do not care about you, or the country. If a politician cared about you the middle class they would:

Demand that nothing is to big to fail. Banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citibank must be allowed to
fail. They must be seized and forced into chapter 7 liquidation. Their are other banks behind these to big to fail banks who could take their places. But the very same to big to fail banks have former employees and bosses who now work as advisers and policy makers for the President who is in office. The Glass-Steagall act President Clinton got rid of must be reinstated which separate bank, brokerages, and insurance. President Clinton’s excuse for signing the Glass-Steagall act away was the bankers had gotten around the regulations anyway. Clinton, instead of plugging the holes decided it was just easier to not fight a battle and, do away with Glass-Steagall and blame Republicans. That’s the politician mentality today, excuses and blame others.

We must ban credit default swaps and adjustable rate mortgages. We must generate revenue and stop over the top speculation. We can easily levy a .5% Tobin tax on all trading including derivatives, stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and commodities. Include the tax on high frequency trading and flash trading. This revenue will allow less austerity to be forced onto the people like we see in Greece, Spain, and other countries. The route the US is taking is going to force austerity sooner or later under the current system anyway. These tax dollars can be used for small businesses
to increase personal exemptions and standard deductions.

End the Dodd Frank banking laws and do them correctly. Under Frank Dodd, if your an American foreign banks do not want to do business with you anymore because of the red tape and increased cost to them. They also do not want caught up in the regulations Dodd Frank imposes on them for fear of doing something wrong and facing legal battles. American investors will move because of this law and take jobs with them.

Credit card companies and those parasite pay day loans should only be allowed to charge no more than 8.5% interest.
Credit card limits must be set on a persons income, for example, if a person makes less than $18,000 dollars a year
they must not be allowed to have a credit card. Other countries have enforced this and they have lower bankruptcy’s.
If a person makes between $18,000 and $32,000 a year they should have a top limit of $4,000 dollars. If they get a second card some place else they must have a limit set of $1,000 dollars. Think about it, how many stories do you hear of where people owe 10′s of thousands of dollars to credit card companies. Sounds just like the Government more and more debt. Businesses who use credit cards to purchase merchandise would use a formula on a percent of their businesses worth for determining how much they can spend using a credit card.
People don’t realize this but using credit cards make products more expensive to buy. If everyone used cash, prices
would come down.
College students would no longer be given credit cards. Many college students come out of schools
with thousands of dollars of debt from credit cards, and they don’t even have a job. Debt slave after graduation.

A couple years ago you probably heard of the swipe fee debate. I’m not going to get deep into it, but it was a big sham to make the American people think that your politician had done something for you. Actually what they did was force local banks to lose business. It enticed the mom and pop store’s to go with the to big to fail banks giving them more business and, your local bank to lose business. You been suckered again Americans.

Zoning laws for building homes must change. Zoning laws are set up to bring in the most tax revenue by property taxes by value of the property.
Governments by fraud can over value property or under value property. The more expensive a home is, the higher the property tax is. One guy I spoke with wanted to build a 900 Square foot home but was told the zoning laws require no less than 1,500 SQ feet homes. Why? taxes. If you have an area where houses cost on average $200,000 dollars this makes the property taxes go up. Bigger homes cost more to make and bring in more taxes.
Property taxes must be abolished. Property taxes mean you don’t own the property. Get behind on your property taxes your home is taken, that’s what property taxes are about, stealing property.
Instead of property taxes people should pay a tax on personal property minus homes or land except for property that has a business on it. Taxes on cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles. This would substitute for property taxes.
Think about it, who buys the $85,000 dollar BMW? rich people, and they would pay a lot more in taxes than the average American who buys a used car for $7,000 dollars.
Take a look at an apartment complex, those people pay no property tax. Look into the parking lot and you see most own a car. This would increase revenue.
One county in Virginia charges $4.57 as a tax for every $100.00 your car is valued at. A car valued at $85,000 dollars would cost the owner, 85000 divided by 100 is 850. 850 multiplied by $4.57 = $3884.50. Each year. Every year or 2 the car is revalued and your tax is changed. It can only get lower.

The bankers and politicians want to have a cap and trade system on CO2 in the name of global warming. Actually it’s a plan to make them rich and for the government to increase tax revenue at the expense of the middle class. Basically how this works is a company has a set limit as to how much C02 they can admit each year.
Example, Company A admits less C02 then allowed. Which means company A can go to the cap and trade exchange and sell his carbon credits to other companies who went over their allowed amount of C02. Company B will go through a broker at the exchange, who will buy the carbon credits from company A. Company B will pay the broker
and the broker will pay company A and the government will get their cut. The middle class and poor get higher prices on goods.

This has a few flaws. One flaw is that it makes prices go up. Countries like to start this off on Iron Ore or some other type of company, which then spreads to food. Under cap and trade a loaf of bread cost will increase by .60 cents a loaf. In Australia you pay a carbon tax when you die! yes when you die. The first flaw is prices on everyday items cost more. That’s why you hear the jackboot thieves repeating daily don’t consume so much your causing global warming. They are preparing you for higher prices. Another flaw they forget to mention is these carbon exchanges do not decrease pollution, they were never meant to. Company B can pollute as much as they want as long as he pays a bunch of rich guys at the carbon exchanges.

As for small local companies they will go out of business. They don’t have the cash to expand businesses because it costs money to expand and pay for carbon permits to pollute more.
Lets just do away with carbon exchanges and go straight to the root of the problem. Lets make them pay, here is how.

Al Gore the champion of global warming owns a few homes. Large homes at that. Remember earlier we did away with property taxes, almost.
According to the national association of home builders the average home size in 1970 was 1,400 Sq feet. In 2009 it was 2,700 Sq feet. Even though the average size American family has gotten smaller. Instead of going back to 1994 C02 admissions we should go back to 1970 home sizes which would make a smaller C02 foot print. Well Mr Gore, here is where you put your money where your mouth is. A person cannot have a home over 2,400 Sq feet unless they want to pay a tax, this tax goes directly to the local government and not the bankers or federal government. We want zero cap and trade. Now, besides paying a personal tax on cars, boats, and so on, they now must pay a property tax in addition.
For every Sq foot over 2,400 Sq feet they pay something like .50 cents per square. If their home was 3,400 Sq feet they would pay .50 cents on each foot, 100 Sq feet x .50 is $50.00. Which means they pay $50.00 a month in property taxes for $600.00 per year. Any home over 3,200 Sq feet charge $1.00 per Sq foot over 2,400 Sq feet. The average person cant afford a large home like 4,500 Sq feet. The rich can, and they can afford the extra cost. Since they are polluting our air they need to pay up. After all the middle class is taxed enough. I do believe they want to do away with the middle class, the middle class is the only large block with money who can fight back against the politicians who want to destroy everything. Also make something like 3% of all revenue collected to be used for subsidizing solar panels.

Flying, Gore likes his private planes, we think those rich can afford .02 cents for every mile flown wherever the airlines fly to. Minus out the cost for businesses flying people for leisure such as going to the back woods for hunting, fishing, and similar. Going to a beach resort? they pay, same with meetings.
This money will be used for subsidizing solar panels. Your small basic aviation pilots who fly only for leisure will not pay either. Unless someone pays them to fly them some place.

Developers must be required to build different size homes when building a housing development or any home, same with apartment complexes. The developers must be required to build 50% of the homes under 1400 Sq feet. 15% less than 1000 Sq feet. Homes must be over 650 sq feet with no control on zoning laws for this size. Meaning you can build a 650 Sq Ft home anyplace you want. The property tax must change from cost appraisal, to size of the home for those who build large homes over 2,400 Ft. This size can be lowered.
Smaller homes require less energy. When the rich build large homes they are destroying more trees and poisoning the ground by mining for more minerals. They must be the ones who pay, not the middle class. Remember, cap and trade exchanges are made to put the cost on the poor and middle class. It allows large companies to pollute more and puts small companies at a competitive disadvantage.
We got buy fine with 1,400 Sq feet homes. Smaller homes will decrease C02 far more than a phony carbon exchange.

When Obama went on his blind stimulus plan it was not thought through, it seems like it was not thought through on purpose. If these our the leaders we have today we are in big trouble. First off, he didn’t put tariffs on low cost foreign solar panels which are subsidized. Even a three year tariff put on foreign solar panels would had helped. Instead, Obama spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars, borrowed, or either printed on solar panel plants that made no profit and hired no workers.
The people behind these solar plants were Obama insiders who got rich off the tax payer. They needed a plan before they broke ground on these solar panel factories, but they had no plan except to fleece the tax payer middle class.
Call it for what it is, fact is, a few got rich, very rich, and the American people got a bigger deficit.
First step was tariffs, it was not done until it was to late, not until after the plants closed, now we buy more expensive solar panels from China because Obama put a tariff on them after the fact. Just who are our politicians working for? they that incompetent.
Next we needed a plan to make sure the panels made in the US were sold, no plan was made. Result, certain failure, we need new leadership today.
Obama let Brazil borrow billions in dollars for deep sea oil exploration but will not allow it in American waters and land areas. George Soros invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Brazil’s oil company after Obama lent the money to Brazil. To me, this seems like a conspiracy, but true.

Simple plan for solar.

All homes must come with solar panels unless they are blocked in from receiving any sunshine or get less than 1.5 hours of sunlight on January 1st.
The panels do not have to be in working order, just installed on the roof. Later the home owner can decide who they want to finish the installation based on real capitalism as to who will do it at the best price. Panels placed on roofs will be determined by amount of sunshine for your area of the country. Based on Jan 1st sunshine estimates. If your area has less than 1.5 hours of sunshine a day, panels do not have to be placed on the roof based on January 1st estimates. Solar panels can be no less than 1200 watts placed on all roofs for homes smaller than 1500 Sq feet.
Any homes built larger than 1500 Sq feet must have no less than 1500 watt panels.
All solar panels must be built entirely in the US. If another foreign company complains that it is protectionism they have the option to build a solar plant in the US. They are welcome to invest in the US and make jobs.
We must do the same as other countries do to American products. Brazil demanded that I-phones and I-pads
be built in Brazil or face high tariffs. Apple now has a plant in Brazil with over 1000 workers.

American solar plants will not be allowed to over charge for their panels because of the business given to them. Yes the panels are subsidized but we also found a way to pay for them as said earlier. Remember the panels are being subsidized by the rich who have larger homes and those who fly privately instead of using the regular airlines.
You can buy 1200 watts of solar panels for under $1,300 dollars. You could pick which brand and type you want put on your roof before hand. You will pay 20% of panels cost. Failure to pay will mean the building permit will not be approved. Subsidized solar panels on older homes will come to a halt. Only new homes will have subsidized panels.
If your a family of 5 or below and make less than $60,000 a year you will pay a flat fee of $300.00 for the solar panels finished installation. You have 18 months after purchase of the home to have the full installation done.
If you don’t pay for the subsidized installation you agree to have all the energy your solar panels produce for 6 years given to the energy company but, not in your name, but the federal governments name. You can decide anytime to have the government finish the installation of the solar panels and do not have to wait the 18 months to let them finish the job.
The power company would pay the federal government for 6 years for the energy produced over that time. The government will also pay for the installation. The energy produced over the 6 years and the profits go to the Government to subsidize solar panels.
Those who make over $60,000 a year will pay $500.00 towards installation. If they decide not to have full installation done all profits of energy produced will go to the federal government for 7 years.
Solar panels that fall under the 1.5 hour of sunlight on Jan 1st will require new homes to have solar panels to be part of the permit for building the home. You have to pay a certain amount for the panels but do not need to pay for the installation. Granted, for so many years the energy and profits goes to the government then.

Low income persons, people laid off from work would be trained in the installation and maintenance of solar panels under a work training scheme. Along with high school students in the local area. Only those with a High school diploma, GED, or nearing qualify. Or those without a high school diploma who can pass a aptitude test showing they can do the work and pass the school.
The time is now to start saying to people, if you don’t have a basic education requirement your out of luck. In 20 years you will see a huge change in peoples perception and need for getting the basic education requirements.
Schools who teach these people will be made up of persons with first hand knowledge of solar panels. Retiree’s who supplement their income will have no penalty from the Social security administration as teachers.
Their pay will be minimum wage. Reason for this is to keep out schools who look for profit only. These solar panel installation installers must be certified. Companies with only certified installers will be allowed to install the subsidized panels. The companies with the contracts who installs the panels will pay for the students education. The company will then be subsidized 1/3 cost of the schooling cost if the student is still working for the same company 7 months after graduation. Cannot be unionized companies. Price will skyrocket and the whole scheme will fall apart.

Home owners can use the power created by the solar panels or sale the power back to the energy company. Example, if you had 1000 watts on your roof and its mid summer and you had 4 hours of sunlight you would had created 4,000 watts of energy. You could either sale the energy for cash, use it to supplement your electric bill to make it lower.

Solar factories who set up in blighted areas or free economic zones will pay 2% tax to federal Government. Local governments will agree to lower tax and utility costs, and in most cases no cost over a certain amount of years. All people hired must be from the surrounding blighted area or economic zone.
For those without a high school diploma they will be paid minimum wage with pay raises determined on their skill and productivity. If they get an GED they get a .50 cent hourly pay raise.
Something has to be done to keep people in school, giving out Nike shoes made in Indonesia is ridiculous, and frankly a dumb idea for obvious reasons. With the 50 cent pay increase they can buy their own Nike’s after 2 months just from the 50 cent hourly pay increase.
Davis bacon act, we don’t need, we don’t need union wages. The purpose is to get jobs for people in blighted areas. It is not a welfare or entitlement program. It’s a stepping stone to show people they can move forward into other areas and other jobs with better pay. Plus bring down energy costs and lower C02.
I seen a guy with no experience start off in construction making $8.00 a hour, 3 years later he was making $20.00 a hour. He was never late for work, never caused problems, and his workmanship was top notch. Other guys with 12 years experience were told to stay home when things were slow. Not this guy, because he was a model worker and had a higher production rate than the others who slacked if not pushed. The average wage in that area was $18.00 a hour.
A fair wage or living wage will only protect the slackers. Union people know this but wont admit it.

Welfare, Obama is taking out the requirement for people to be actively looking for a job to collect welfare. This must be changed back.
Women who collect welfare should stop getting extra benefits after 2 children, we cant keep encouraging more welfare. Welfare fraud is huge. I seen it first hand.

Welfare needs overhauled. Many people game the system. I love paying for the so called people to have their Obama phone, yes it’s true, they get a free cell phone with 60 free minutes each month. After they use up those free minutes they use their smart phone they have.

Another welfare scam they did was buy beer and wine with food stamps.
They would pay well over the price of the beer in food stamps. The beer guy would have a friend who has a small corner store that collects food stamps and they would trade stamps for cash. Since many states have cards that are swiped now they just buy stuff with food stamps and sale it at a lower price then the store. Or tell people their code and let them use it. We are being ripped off. Thumb print must be used for buying with food stamps. And a menu of certain foods should only be allowed to be bought. Sorry you don’t get the New York strip, you get the lower cost cut of meat. Get my drift.

Tax code;
Everyone must pay something or.
Anyone who makes less than 20,000 a year pays nothing, minus SSI medicare tax. They don’t even have to fill out a W-2 form. It is costing us more in taxes when these people fill out a tax form because they get money back and
most times they get more back then they paid in taxes. Meaning they get all their taxes back plus more! It’s cheaper just to have these people do nothing. If you are single and make between $20,000 to $39,000 a year, a flat tax of 14%. for each dependent take 1.5% off. No more of this… you get this much back
at the end of the year.
$39,000 to $65.000 single 19%. Take 1.5% off for each dependent. Again no more of this, you over paid you get this much back at the end of the year.
$65,000 to $95,000 single 25%. Take 1.00% off for each dependent.
$95,000 and above 28% no write offs.
Anyone who makes over $125,000 a year for more than 12 years during their working years will only get 1/2 of SSI benefit due each month.
Anyone who is a millionaire gets zero SSI payments unless they go broke, lose everything. That is their insurance.

Capital gains tax 12%
Corporate tax under $800,000 dollars 9% with a increase of 1.5% social security tax paid into each workers SSI.
Corporate tax over $800,000 dollars 12% with a increase of 1.5% towards workers SSI. and a increase of 1% towards medicare.

Add 7% to each and every product imported in the United States on top of current tariff on that product. Unless it’s one product under $275.00, or the product is not made in the US at all, in any form.
Electronics with a retail value over $150.00 dollars a tariff of 25%.
Foreign shopping tax. Any product that costs over $275.00 a tax of 7%. Example, someone buys a leather coat from Italy and it costs $550.00 you would have to pay customs $38.50 in taxes before it will be delivered to you. This tax will not be for business to business because of companies sampling products.

Any US company who moves or builds a new plant in another country making the same product will face an tariff of 25% for 25 years on that product when sent back into the US. NAFTA hasn’t helped the US middle class it is obvious.

Student loans:
Decrease Government guaranteed loans except for Doctors, Engineers and other high paying jobs or jobs in demand.
Interest can only be set at 2% of loan. Enough usury on the people.
Once a person turns 55 they are only obligated to pay the principle of the loan when loan was taken out. All penalty’s,fees, interest is erased. As long as the person finished school before the age of 36.
The reason college tuition keeps going up is because the schools are guaranteed students with government money.
Their is no reason a class hour should cost over $45.00 a credit hour. The government can easily tell the schools lower the cost or you get no more loans approved for your school.
Schools need to stop secretly charging students more per class hour because their parents make more money than another student. It has to be against the law. If a person goes into a store do they charge a person more for a product because they make more money or their parents do? no they don’t. Expose those schools and do not attend them.

Stop closing coal plants by false pretenses. They are closing the small coal power plants and letting coal power plants like GE stay open. They are closing the little guys and making energy prices go higher on purpose so the big boys can make more profits off the backs of the poor and middle class. Coal plants do not even come close to how much they use to pollute. They know this and it’s a fact. Coal is the middle class energy, to take it away is to be against the working man and middle class.

Add more and efficient refineries. Blend only 2 octanes of gasoline. Stop the corn subsidies for fuel. It cost a dollar more to make a gallon of ethanol blend then regular gasoline. Plus twice the energy. Making ethanol causes massive pollution to boot. Causes higher food prices and overall is a war against the middle class.

Produce all methods of energy to add jobs and prosperity. Stop subsidizing mining companies Harry Reid, who make massive profits.

Produce infrastructure for Rare Earths refining in isolated areas. Along with more rare earth mines.


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