Assault Weapon Not Used In Sandy Hook Shooting

“Assault” Weapon Not Used In Sandy Hook Shooting

January 18, 2013

Assault Weapon Not Used In Sandy Hook Shooting. NBC news reports assault weapon were not used in Sandy Hook. The Obama administration is using the death of children to attack the second amendment on falsehoods.
It’s very clear Obama and other socialists want to disarm the American people while the elite have armed body guards or as in Senator Feinstein’s case, carry a gun when others are not allowed. These elite send their children to schools with armed guards and want your kids to go to school in gun free zones or without armed guards. The elite are showing their true colors. They look at the world in two classes, the ruling and the serfs. The elite will have guns, and you the serf will not. The left has shown it’s hand, their is two classes now and the average working man is looked down on and deserves no rights or the rights the elite will have. Obviously, the elite such as Obama are using class warfare as to who will have guns and protection. Elite have armed guards at their schools and body guards, you the serf, have no protection or rights. Class warfare at its best.