“Americans” Being Conditioned For Martial Law

Americans Being Conditioned For Martial Law

February 4, 2013

Americans Being Conditioned For Martial Law
Americans are being conditioned to submit and to never question authority or else.

Military trains for missions it will do.
This training is being done for American citizens. To be used on American citizens.
Americans will be rounded up and taken to prison camps.
Proof America has prison work camps made for American citizens US Concentration Camps Here
American troops on the streets of America
Usurped Posi comitatus gone.
What is posi comitatus? look it up yourself brain dead zombi.
American troops on the streets of America training for martial law.
The police are being militarized and working side by side with the military.
The founding fathers understood tyranny quite well.
They warned of a standing military and a private central bank.
Houston January 28, 2013 usurped by the federal government in Houston by military troops.

Miami invaded by the military January 24th 2013 military black helicopters invade miami.

Minnesota August 28, 2012 military invades St Paul and Minneapolis

St Louis July 3, 2012 military invades missouri.

Illinois April 17, 2012 military invades Chicago
Police and military join forces to protect the rich and not the average citizen.
Military invades Boston

The military plans and trains on the mission they plan on using.
It’s obvious the military is training for attacks on US cities.
Galveston Texas US military Trains for al quesda naval attack.

If its the mountains they train in the mountains, if its the coast they train at the coast
If they train in the city, they plan on missions to be used in cities.
If they train in US cities it’s obvious they plan on missions in American cities.
They say it’s to protect the people from the terrorists but who is the terrorists?

More terrorists

Submit and be trained to be obedient American slaves at a early age.

Welcome to tyranny USA
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