Obama Orders Spy Boxes In All Cars

Obama orders spy boxes in all cars

December 16, 2012

Obama Administration Rushes “Creepy Black Box” Mandate on All New Car Buyers

Falsely Claims Data Tracking Will Be Minimal

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Washington, D.C. – National Center Adjunct Fellow Horace Cooper is condemning the decision by the Obama Administration to bypass Congress and implement its automobile “black box” mandate administratively.

The Department of Transportation has announced a proposed rule to require Event Data Recorders (EDRs) in 100% of all light vehicles sold in the United States. EDRs are more commonly known as “black boxes,” such as those carried by aircraft.

Last year a similar proposal was killed by the House of Representatives when it was included in a Senate-passed bill to fund the nation’s transportation needs.

“Not only will this new requirement give new resources and data to the DOT to support more economically-damaging regulations in the future; this mandate itself represents an unprecedented breach of privacy for Americans. Operating more like a surveillance camera than a tool for accident investigation, this DOT rule-making is the embodiment of Orwellian monitoring,” Cooper explained.
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